By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Lawrence not deterred by previous election defeat

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Wow...just wow. And he even posted it on Facebook no less. I mean really, these are not the days of Al Capone where police [and] judges are bought by not only affluent criminals but the affluent themselves expecting quid pro quo favors. These are different times, and there are no such expectations.

Bottom line, people contribute because they BELIEVE IN THE CANDIDATE, not because they expect them to roll over for favors. Donations are basically votes of confidence and support for the candidate. Refusing their donations is like refusing their votes, Mark. *rolling eyes* *double face palm*

"A court" is the judge, court deputies, judge's assistants, jury members, and so on. I think Lawrence meant to say "A judge..."

Moral thing to do...coming from someone who once failed to due the "moral" thing and pay his taxes for a few years a couple decades ago; and the "moral" thing when he released info to the press in a juvenile case most recently in 2007 (both according to bar complaints).

Yeah, my vote will be going towards a more qualified candidate.

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