By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Jury finds Monagon guilty on all sex abuse counts

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Lethal Injection,, is all I can say or type....


So why is he not on the jail roster? Jury convicted him on 8 counts of sex abuse. Is he out because the judge has to decide on the other counts? Seems like he should be in custody at this point.

Paul Daquilante

Raysme1 . . .

He is NOT out of custody. He was taken into custody after the bench trial recessed until 9 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 5.

Judge Collins ordered him lodged without bail.

The jail booking process does take some time, and when that has been completed, he will appear on the jail roster.

Paul Daquilante/reporter


Am I reading the article correctly...two of the jurors found him not guilty and he is still going to prison? That can't be right.

Ossie Bladine

Joel, Oregon allows non-unanimous jury verdicts in criminal cases, the only state in the country to do so after Louisiana repealed its law last year. The US Supreme Court is currently reviewing the issue.


Thanks for the clarification Ossie.

I'm appalled that defense discredits witnesses based on the fact they were "not certain when acts of abuse occurred". This child was NINE years old. Do not put that on her.

rosebloomer, the defense had to focus on something. They couldn't very well just come in with "no he didn't" for a trial. It seems like if it were me, and I was innocent I would demand a polygraph if I was sure the 3 different people decided to make things up about me and disclose it 10 years later for some unknown reason.

I just hope the devoted supporters are willing to pray for the victims and not come up with more reasons that the victims all lied or blame a flawed system.


Polygraphs are not admissible as evidence.


Lulu, polygraphs can be used in certain proceedings and trials and they can most certainly be taken and the results provided to the prosecutor during the investigation stage. If the suspect chooses to take one and provide the results, which I would if I were innocent.

This drug on for a very long time, glad it's finely resolving.