By Logan Brandon • Sports Editor • 

Hurl conquers Yamhill County one street at a time

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Why they call you Hurl?


Is this news?
Is this news?
Is this news?

No matter how many times I ask, I get the same answer. 👎


I don’t know Hibb...The article seems like a nice change of pace from petty county politics and incompetent national leadership....

Paul Daquilante

Easy solution . . . quit asking the question!


Sounds like a nice man and he should be proud of himself and his high achieving wife...but I think stories like this rather than being inspirational, tend to make the rest of us (who aren't as motivated and dedicated) feel jealous.


JPavelich: let me guess. Aw come on no one else has given it a go … ah . . . Because someone hung the name on him and it just grew on him. Is there a prize? In the military most everyone is called by their last name. Solves any confusion many times. My Chief called me Henderson, the rest of the crew called me Hendie. Now this is real news.

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