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Homeowner files tort claim against county

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I hope Mr Moon gets what he's asking for and MORE! Repeated requests went unanswered when the writing was on the wall. THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN, just a matter of when! Thankfully, no one was in the home when Gomez-Martinez smashed through it! HIS punishment wasn't nearly what it should have been! The county severely dropped their responsibility to this home owner on every level, over and over again, and the end result shattered his life!!!! Shame on Yamhill County for leaving this taxpayer vulnerable for so many years!


I'm a bit mixed on this issue....If Mr. Moon's requests were denied then the county may have some responsibility, but for a guy that is driving under the influence, I'm not sure any amount of signage would change the outcome.....It also occurs to me that the S curve in question has been there as long as I can remember, so Mr. Moon certainly knew it was there when he purchased the property...did he take any steps to protect himself?


tag, It wasn't really clear, but it sounded to me like the article said he asked to put up a concrete barrier himself in 2012 but the city denied him permission to do so. I'm not sure why you would need permission to do that, but I guess you do.


That's an interesting point....Maybe landscape boulders is the answer......


Landscape boulders often serve no other purpose than giving a homeowner a false sense of security (and an ugly lawn) until the moment a drunken lout hits them head-on, launching his filthy, mildew-streaked Kia high in the air.

Disclaimer: I think Gomez-Martinez actually drove an old Buick so please don't start, any of you seize-the-one-detail myopics. And apologies to tagup, who I generally respect. :-)


I’m not sure any barrier would have prevented a Buick going ~100mph being piloted by a drunk and stoned driver from crashing into the residence.

If he bought the house with the road as it is, why would he expect the county to change it or to provide protection? He should've done due diligence prior purchasing the property.

It’s clearly a dangerous stretch of road and I’m glad the homeowner wasn’t injured.

Agree that the driver got off far too easily. I don’t believe his “punishment” will be enough to deter future selfish, moronic behavior.

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