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Homelessness: Residents voice their anger

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Is is very unfortunate for those caught in a situation of being homeless, no doubt it is very humiliating, however there are rules to be kept in every situation , Homes in housing districts have HOA's ( Home owners Associations ) Camp grounds have Rules, and so must homelessness have rules,keeping there areas clean should be rule #one,by adapting some order will go along way with compaction, Order must be kept !


Tom, This is a great summary of what the citizens said at the meeting....I'm curious to hear what the mayor and city council said??


Just found the a answer to my question...the response from the mayor and city council is in the other article.


They are not homeless - they are camping and receiving free food, medical and now clean needles to keep it going.

How many are from McMinnville? They migrate here because we are drawing them here and allowing them to live this way.


Free camping on the tax payers dime is more appropriate I’d think.

Mostly I see drunken, drug addicts taking over several parks, the ever expanding disaster on 4th, and apparently on Dustin Court.

Used needles, condoms, are the norm at the Library and park. I’ve seen people having sex in the bushes, heard them having sex in the bathrooms. I’ve seen countless men urinating openly, and even a couple of people defecating in plan view.

My children are forbidden to go to the Library or Joe Dancer because of this disaster.

There are numerous vagrants hanging around with nothing to do. A great many of them are very obviously impaired. I’ve seen several fights, aggressive panhandling, boorish, use of profanity towards my children, etc.

These people have it made. No accountability, no rent, no responsibility, flaunting laws, and saying they’re the victims in all this? All the while collecting free food, free medical, free clothing, etc. People are sick of it and have had enough. The tax paying citizens supporting their existence are the real victims here.

They have ruined this city, plain and simple.

Enough is enough.

Stop catering to the vagrants.

Use your vote to force change.

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