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Homeless subcommittee recommends parking program

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$1000/month for 1 toilet?.....Last summer I contracted 12 toilets serviced weekly and paid $900/month ($75/ea)....maybe a second look at the vendor is in order...


Why would they need toilet/shower facilities and protection from temperature extremes?

I was under the impression that these RV’s were livable and fully functional, directly from the Miller’s quotes.


I would much rather see the City's tax money spent on improving streets,building more facilities for youth sports,more parks or anything but encourageing more people with old RV's to move here to live on another tax funded give away. If we are to spend our tax money to help them then train them to get a viable job to become part of mainstream society.


Jim--While I don't disagree with some of your points, the street parking issue needs to be addressed now....this may not be a permanent solution, but it's a start....


Tagup there is a quick solution. There is all kinds of state and federal land not far from McMinnville. If these people want to really be left alone and live in a RV and not be "harassed" by people in town then they can drive right to state or federal forest land and have all the free peace and quiet they want.


The street parking issue needs to be addressed, but not by rolling out the welcome mat and providing them with more free services without closing the loopholes that allow them to park in neighborhoods. As a homeowner I currently have no rights except to keep harassing code enforcement to chalk tires for the mobile homeless parked in front of my house. All they do is move for a couple of days and then they are back. While I have been reading these articles and felt for the homeowners on Doran Drive I didn't realize the extent of the problem until they recently moved across town to NW Meadows. This article clearly states that some of these people do not want a place to park... the city needs to make it enforceable that they cannot keep doing this like other cities have done.


The $1000/mo price on the toilet has got to be a typo.

Bill B

Agree with Jim, but we also need to change the parking rule including not permitting individuals from living in trailers/motorhomes on the street.


If it's a government toilet, $1000 a month would be considered a bargain.

McMinnville Planning Department

Point of clarification. Cost for toilet was estimated to be $75-$100/month, $1000 per year. Typo in the article.


Thanks.... for the follow up...

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