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Floating zone sinks with crowd at public hearing

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The city and county have been about as transparent as the bottom of my bull pen in their political actions as far as I’m concerned.


When do they realize that people need jobs to pay for these so called middle income apartments.But why should they care as long as their profit is rolling in. Keep the industrial zones to bring in Costco or other businesses so that we all have some profit and not another out I state profiteur.

David S. Wall

The McMinnville voters should consider;

"Over-hauling" the current City Council in the next election cycle;

Amending the city charter-by changing the term "Municipal Service Fee" to Municipal Service Tax, the voters can dictate "growth of the city" and alleviate the hemorrhaging of their monies into hopeless pursuits like "affordable housing projects;"

Dissolve "The Affordable Housing Task Force;"

Enact "air-tight" prohibitions on removal and or modifications of Industrial Lands, especially for residential purposes;


Dump the City Manager and the Planning Director with expeditious and extreme prejudice;

Enact strict regulations with significant and crushing "fee structures to curtail and or quash activities" of "Non-profit , Not for profit and Public Benefit Corporations." These pernicious, predatory parasites prey upon government hand-outs for "services" that end up costing more than they are worth.

The aforementioned actions should bring "Peace and Tranquility" back to McMinnville as well as economic prosperity for those who deserve the rewards of innovations flowing from honest people applying themselves in the greatest nation on the face of the earth.

David S. Wall


Mr. Wall:

You are, of course, free to express your opinions. But, do you not live outside of Newberg? Telling us that we need to dump municipal employees seems, to me, a bit out of line.


Great ideas Dave Wall 👍


Mr. Wall: Why do you always want to tear down government? I wish that people could come together and offer positive suggestions to effect changes. It is part of living in a democracy. Trying to overthrow government serves no purpose. What Would Jesus Do?


Probably shaking his head ?


Mr Wall is just having a little fun. He is not a serious person.

Don Dix

The 'floating zone' idea should take up residence @ the treatment plant, soon! Listen to Mr. Hurl and Mr. Plews.


Though it makes Him sad to see we live, He can only say, “I forgive.”


I didn't read it as a tear down but as a positive rebuild. Guess it depends on how you see the glass... half full?


It seems to me they could go “vertical” 10-20 storeys high of affordable housing on 1st and 2nd. A lot of that property is already owned by the do gooder liberal churches. And that would be easy access to the bus depot and they could get that commuter train going to Portland and reopen the old train depot by the other low income housing called village quarter. I’m sure their generous parishioners would love to provide housing for the folks who generally already hang out on their property. But the problem is just like in California — progressives don’t put their money where mouth is. They support programs as long as it’s out of sight out of mind. That is what ja known as “NIMBY.” (Not In My Back Yard.)

Don Dix

gregtompkins -- didn't you know downtown was special, so from 1st to 6th, there will be no 'affordable anything'!


Mr. Tompkins: Ten to 20 stories high and you have created yet another infested eyesore like Cabrini-Green.

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