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Employees, county fail to reach agreement after marathon mediation session

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I hope the employees strike. The county never should have ditched IBB. Might have enabled them to take short term advantage of the employees, but now it's catching up with them. Terrible lack of management and leadership by commissioners and County Administrator. The warming fire of the dumpster continues on.

Don Dix

Didn't the union call for a 48% increase in salary/pay? In what world is that a reasonable proposal?


Don, I am for certain not making a case for the union. You likely know that union tactics are to always come in with some ridiculously high ask at the outset. That's the way they operate. I don't agree with it at all. What I am saying is that when the county was using an IBB model, there was no union - no SEIU and no AFSCME. The county will blame the union for abandoning the IBB model, but it was the county that decided to stop using it, period. The employees knew that in that case they would have to have representation, thus they voted to retain AFSCME to represent them. The point is that they had a non-union setting and a lack of leadership at the commissioner and Administration level goofed it up. You can thank Lewis, George, Tschabold, and Vesper for that. Now here we are five months after contract expiration with strike being threatened. So many down sides to the situation. No leadership at all. So Don, if you want to make the union go away, the leaders need to put the baseball bats away and start acting like adults.

Don Dix

Rumor has it that the union is 'practicing' for a strike. Doesn't that sound more like a looming confrontation than a settlement? And after over 14 hrs., Mendoza doesn't 'remember any progress'! That would be stoking the fire.

From this view, there are few, if any adults involved.

Local Yokel

Don, incorrect. Pay more attention.

Don Dix

The stage is yours -- care to elaborate?

M. Isaac

I am also curious Local Yokel. I have read what Don Dix said and what he posted is my understanding as well. What is Mr. Dix "incorrect" about?

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