By Tom Henderson • Staff Writer • 

Councilor IDs certain people as roadblocks to progress

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Isn't that why we elect you guys - to do the thinking and managing?


"Roadblocks to progress?"
That's a creepy choice of words, there.


Why don't these self-anointed pocket kings and queens quit thinking and planning and throwing around money so outsiders can tell them "how to conceptualize McMinnville's role in the region's economy," and charging $35,000 to boot.
What suckers. What expensive claptrap babble. Is no one else outraged?

Don Dix

It makes one wonder if the 'additional work needed' before the council votes is included in the $35K, or an 'add on', so common when government foots the bill.

As well, I'm a little surprised there was no mention of how the wine industry fits, unless those Cali. companies would hail from Napa.


UGH!!! RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE!!! Anyone that has watched South Park knows what I mean. This is BS.

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