By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Convicted child murderer in line for resentencing

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He should have burned a long time ago. This makes me sick.


Sparks is the perfect candidate for the death penalty.

Of course, this being Oregon, it’ll never happen.

What a total POS.


Worked in the law enforcement sector at the time of this case, and this story haunts me to this day. I will never forget Lacey Raboncho and the call that confirmed a young girls body laying on the tracks by a train worker. So many adults that carry the heft of a little girls death. I hope we remember it so that we can carry the knowledge to not let it happen again.

starwars IIX

There's just something wrong when a dude does what this guy did to a young girl, then kills her but 18 years later is still working the system. I remember how Leslie Lewis supposedly sponsored a law "Lacey's law" to take care of this. For all the political grandstanding, it sounds like it was all for political gain and once again accomplished nothing.


I hope they'll view lots of autopsy shots.


Considering Sparks pitched a fit the first time the autopsy photos were shown, I’d assume it’s a given.

What a vile soulless man. I wish he’d just die already.

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