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Commissioners uphold IT firing

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I can't quite put my finger on why I feel this way, but this whole thing just seems very wrong. If I were Mr Paolo I would run away from these people and go to work in the private sector. It's not perfect either, but it's a heck of a lot better than the loonies running our county government.

Mac sandlot

Do I understand this right? Paolo requests an appeal hearing and then neither he nor his attorney are allowed to say anything? Joel2828 is right that "this whole thing just seems very wrong". You can bet that county staff held all kinds of closed door meetings with the commissioners to tell their side of the story. This has hefty lawsuit written all over it for a whole number of reasons. Defamation, due process, etc., etc..


Unfortunately, Mr Paolo seems to be the target of a vendetta from the Leslie Lewis most accounts Mr Paolo has solid IT experience and has done a number of positive things for both the county and the city. Looks again like small people making poor decisions that will likely be at the expense of the tax payers.
Maybe we should stick to discussing prayers,guns and the status of the flag pole....will probably be less expensive for the citizens.


"Small people making poor decisions" is such an accurate assessment. Maybe it's their private mission statement.


Maybe if the commissioners weren't so determined to push their religious agenda on the taxpayer they might have more time to oversee that the county is run efficiently and fairly for both employees and residents as well. The commissioners sure had time to create a do nothing resolution on background checks for gun purchases. What a waste....we have commissioners who do not believe in government pretending to govern. lol

David Bates

Count me among those who find this inexplicable. When I covered county government, I always found Murray to be professional and exceptionally competent, not to mention cooperative and at ease with the press. Back when the county was scrambling to recover a radio infrastructure project that become a fiasco, Murray was summoned to perform what to me seemed like an impossible and thankless task, and he not only came up with a solution, he was completely open to the News-Register's frequent requests for information and documents -- extraordinarily so, in fact.

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