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Commissioners debate spending on downtown buildings

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fir tree

Looks like Starrett better check her facts. The county has nowhere near 700 employees. If acquiring and developing old downtown buildings is such a great idea, wouldn't a facilities study support that fact? The only reason that Starrett and Primo don't want to is they know that a study would show that millions have been wasted on buying old inefficient houses and making substandard offices out of them. The county has wasted millions on these old buildings. Blinders on once again. In the meantime millions of wasted dollars.

Mac Resident

Really, fir tree???
Currently, when a county-wide e-mail is going to be sent, the e-mail system notifies the sender that there are 668 names on the county-wide list. This list doesn't include employees who don't have access to e-mail. Maybe before you suggest that someone else should "check her facts", you should check yours.


Why not a facilities study? Hire an outside company to perform a three-week study for an additional $50,000. Spare no expense.


As someone who renovates historic properties....its always cheaper to build new....always.


I'm already sick of these people.

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