By Tom Henderson • Staff Writer • 

Care centers expected to seek charter amendment

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As a business owner, I think that its only fair that if a business uses a disproportionate share of the community resources than they should pay the community back. Alternately, they could hire their own fire and medical service providers. I have seen this model at a few larger companies that I have worked at. Interestingly, some these companies acted as a backup to the communities service providers and billed back to the city. I think companies need to be fair to the communities that they are in and find ways that add back to the general welfare of everyone. Don't get me wrong, they NEED to be profitable and return value to the stakeholders, but not by unethical use of the tax payers dollar.


sorry forgot to add this study


The City justified taxing seniors more because their study shows seniors account for 37% of EMS calls. Coincidentally, according studies seniors also use about 35% of all healthcare dollars nationwide. Why should residents who have paid taxes their whole life suddenly pay more because now they are elderly? Not fair and not right City of McMinnville.


The expectation of routine care falls directly on the residential providers. It is " not fair" to expect the city's emergency services to do the job of the for profit care centers.



No care provider should call EMS for routine services, that is agreed. The few operators that need to improve training and quality should not negatively impact all seniors. However, the ordnance has nothing to do with an organizations tax or legal structure. This hits non profits as well as LLC,s, S Corps, C Corps, sole proprietors, etc. At best, this ordenance will increase cost to McMinnville seniors and their families and at worse, it harm will people — and that should concern all of us.