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Brothers in arms

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Young men like these two make me proud to be an American. Good luck gentlemen.


I enlisted back when there was a 'Draft', I didn't anticipate Vietnam or I might have reconsidered. But the Army, all the services, are part of what mixes this Country together, at least, it did when there was the draft. I'm sure it still does. To live with and train with people from all walks of life builds a team that is what America is about. My personal opinion is we should bring back the Draft. Give young the choice of military or civilian public service duty. It will build communication and teams to bring our nation together.


This is for the Keikkala family:

Ben and Sam will do well - they have the right attitude and seem to be physically prepared. The training will bring out the best in them and force them to confront any kind of thinking that might get in the way of their success. The military will deliver two more mature and responsible versions of the good kids you raised. I wish more kids considered this path, both for their benefit and the benefit of society as a whole.

They'll love Airborne School. I graduated from it 30 years ago this week and wouldn't trade anything for my experience there.

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