By Tom Henderson • Staff Writer • 

Boquist scolds Dems for 'gut and stuff' of McMinnville bill

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Don Dix

So McMinnville's pilot project is hijacked by the Ds and used to protect a constituent's investment in another district. Sick and deceptive!

How many times do citizens need to witness and/or suffer from sketchy, biased legislation by the Oregon government? Electing the same crooked a**-wipes just because there is a D after the name proves some voters have zero judgment and even less sense!

E.J. Farrar

Legislation outlawing this practice should sail through Salem with bipartisan support. Right?


Don. Yep. That the trouble Ds vote their tribe, Rs vote their tribe, there is loyalty to the letter. If a smaller tribe, say Independents (I) could get 10 to 15 members, they could force the other tribes to consider compromises, because neither of the big tribes will have enough votes to power things through. Both big tribes know that thus they work to keep down the Independents. Such is politics.


Gut and stuff the other Noble pilot project as well 👍


Boquist should turn D himself.

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