By Tom Henderson • Staff Writer • 

Bledsoe to challenge Nearman in primary

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Spark Hunter

Bledsoe's quote, "The Democrats are so full of fury right now, they're just looking for fights. Not resolutions, just fights" is a dandy sound bite, but has no relationship to fact. The Democrats in the Oregon legislature have passed some important legislation (even with the limitations posed by the 60% rule on revenue bills) to serve the interests of people who need health care and LGBT people, just to name a couple of things off the top of my head. People should be "full of fury" - and that fury expressed in town hall meetings nationwide is a big reason Congressional Trumpublicans failed to repeal/replace the Affordable Care Act. Produce some factual examples instead of hurling spurious insults.

Kris Bledsoe

Yes, it did read like a cheap shot. My only defense is that, surprise, it was taken out of context. I have no axe to grind with democrats. I apologize to all.


"Taken out of context." Standard excuse when someone later regrets what they've said. Just reread the article, seems pretty clear-cut to me. Exactly how was your remark "taken out of context?"


Bledsoe is a California implant with a liberal mindset. They, the NR included, used to say thing about the Oregon Republican Party like "their tent is not big enough", "they are too narrow in mindset", "they are too extreme", and the best one "my parents wouldn't recognize the Republican party of today" (which as the party platform continues to shift left in an attempt to provide an alternative to the rampant corruption of the Oregon one party system). The Democrats can't win in rural Oregon so they now have managed to defy all those quotes and get one of their own to run as a Republican. Yes Bledsoe my be registered as an R or an I but how about going down the list of the Oregon Republican Party platform and show us exactly how you line up? Truth be told even her definition of "fiscal conservative" most likely won't line up with most in her district.