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Arbitrator orders fired deputy reinstated

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doesn't exactly build my confidence in the department if this level of "stress" causes him to panic and lie to cover his error.....I see some tough questions from defense attorneys in his future......


Tagup, it appears that there is way more to this story. IMO he never should have been fired to begin with. The County's process is so flawed, and they are so quick to fire people for little reason instead of actually implementing the most basic of HR procedures. It seems as though they rush to a decision to fire someone, then go about trying to build a case to justify the action. There is incredible expense (to the citizens) and disruption caused by the present personnel actions. Take a minute to go back and review the previous NR stories about this deal. Recall a commissioner pontificating about the "integrity" of the system? Think about all the dismissals and other botched personnel actions in the past year or two. It appears as though the County has become the new Evergreen in how they handle their employees.


This is not Watergate.
Plus, he never pulled a Tim Heidt. Let's have some perspective here.


I don't disagree with you Harvard, but for me, basic honesty has to be the most important quality for a law enforcement officer. If the truth is being withheld in a minor infraction like having your taser at home for the weekend.....what happens when there is real stress....
Public confidence is of utmost importance, without trust the job gets much more difficult.

by the way, "the county has become the new Evergreen" hilarious...and you may have a point!

Don Dix

From the article -- “Given that Brodeur’s cover up and lie were over an internal procedure which no one else had been disciplined for violating, he immediately attempted to correct the wrong, and he had no imposed discipline in his eight and one-half year tenure with the county,” he said in his ruling, “I find the county did not have reasonable cause under Sections 3.1 and 14.1(a) of the collective bargaining agreement to have discharged Marc Brodeur.”

A 'cover up' and 'lie' are not enough for firing -- really? When does a collective bargaining agreement allow members such incredible leeway? Oh yes, in Oregon, where the public employee unions write the laws and spend millions each election cycle to keep it that way!


the union(s) covering the postal service are similar....


Harvard makes great points.

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