By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Aid and assist hearing scheduled for Tombleson

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Yamhill County should issue Tomblesome a politically correct, Judge Wiles approved, President Biden recommended, 12 gauge shotgun loaded with "harmless" buckshot then drop him off at Judge Michael Mosman's house.


Your fixation on shotguns seems to be a recurring theme in your posts and the subject matter of this post is getting pretty close to the line. Just saying…


I am still angry about Judge Wiles and a jury from MacMinniville giving a marijuana trafficker a free pass for shooting at my son because he was armed with a politically correct shotgun. Just FYI, there have been almost as many mass shootings committed with shotguns as with "evil assault rifles."

As for dropping Tomblesome off at Judge Mossman's house, it would be only Karma, Kismet, reaping what he sows. It is no different than Florida and Texas sending illegal immigrants off to places like Martha's Vineyard.


I am definitely going to be donating to any future campaigns of judge wiles, both for spite and the fact that seem to be 180 degrees from JWC on everything. Also, the “illegal immigrants” were not illegal. They were documented asylum seekers who were used as pawns in a political stunt. They are people who gave up EVERYTHING to be here. Pure evil and hatred


A quick check of the Oregon Courts website reveals no case against Tomblesome pending for the shooting death of his father. As this article reveals, Tomblesome is not in custody nor is he at the State mental hospital.

As for the "legal refugees," the good, compassionate, love liberal folks of Martha's Vineyard called out 150 National Guard to deport the refugees from their island.


JWC, like bigfootlives, I think you are beyond reproach. You are truly misinformed. Go ahead and say I’m sheep of the lamestream media or whatever.


Welcome to Oregon, hope you don't need help with your mental health.


It would seem that the family of Ross Tombleson would agree with me. That is why they have filed a lawsuit against everyone in the County for negligence. Of course the case is somewhat less credible because Ross Tombleson put himself in danger by entering the home during the stand off.

Perhaps I should have filed a lawsuit against the State of Oregon for allowing my brother's murderer to roam at large?


Ahhhh... Living rent free....



As is usual for your kind, you demonstrate a profound ignorance of the subjects that you pontificate about. Here is a bit of a primer on immigration, refugee and asylum law:

If they were genuinely asylum seeking refugees, then the good folks of Martha's Vineyard would have or should have taken care of them rather than just call out the National Guard to deport them.

As for Tombleson, we will just have to wait to see how long it will be before he is implicated in another murder.


JWC , the lawsuit isn't because the police have failed to charge in my dads death, it goes much deeper than that and the negligence happened over a span of 3 years, but allowing a 70 year old man to climb a ladder with a man having a severe mental health crisis, his son, was absolute negligence and my dad would be alive had they stopped him, and i speak for myself when i say that.


Bring a fire extinguisher to his next hearing--provided there is another hearing.