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Activist says it's time to march again

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These little temper tantrum matches accomplish nothing, other than helping like-minded people feel that they are doing "something."


Orange man bad!


“…..little temper tantrum…..” you say? An empty ‘feel good’ gesture, you think? I suggest you have underestimated the power of the people as we work to curtail the orange malignancy even as it continues to metastasize daily. Whether one continues to support the destructive forces that threaten our democracy and security, or just sits at home and ridicules those who want to effect change, the irony is that y'all will greatly benefit from our success. Such a deal, eh?

THANK YOU Ms. Bledsoe. I will be there to lend my voice and ongoing support.

Meanwhile I wish everyone a very Mueller Christmas.


If it lets Bledsoe blow off a little steam I say let her march. Didn't see any Repubs throwing these silly tantrums when Obama was in the white house, but hey we all process our pain and frustration differently. If she wants to march, let her march. All the marching in the world won't change the fact that the Donald is in the white house.


Really Joel – REALLY? Were you in a coma during the Obama years? You don’t remember the hordes of “tea-partiers” and their disgusting themes: Obama as the Joker, Obama as Hitler, Obama as monkey? Protesters holding pathetic illiterate signs and shouting such brilliant slogans as “Keep your government hands off my Medicare?” You don’t remember the rampant racist camaraderie at rallies week after week, month after month? Selective memory perhaps.

You say “….let her march…...” How exceedingly tolerant of you. Ms. Bledsoe must be SO relieved to have your blessing for her activities.

Of course you are quite correct about the current occupant of the White House - for now. But it does seem like the hammer may be coming down on his criminal enterprise, and the fraud he has perpetrated on America. Time will tell.

Bill B

treefarmer said "But it does seem like the hammer may be coming down on his criminal enterprise, and the fraud he has perpetrated on America. "

You should be talking to Mueller since you apparently have proof of a criminal enterprise. By the way, I agree with Joel.


I so agree with Joel and Bill B.


The Women's March was hardly a "little temper tantrum march."


Joel - think back to early 2009 and the Tea Party.


Again, the march will accomplish nothing. It is simply an attempt to convince themselves that they are relevant. A swing and a miss.


I commend the reporter’s earnest effort to keep a straight face and take Ms. Bledsoe seriously, but since she herself seems unable to articulate what exactly this “march” is expected to accomplish, that must not have been easy. It’s just very hard to be a hero of the resistance in a place where the majority of people agree with your opinion. There’ll be a bunch of well-meaning people inconveniencing traffic, the police will likely refrain from using dogs and water hoses, and it’s unlikely anyone else will notice or care.
The reckoning for Trumpism will likely come sooner or later, but massive street protests by mild-mannered small-town college liberals are not going to play any part in its demise.


LOL. It'll happen whether she has an issue or not.


Ah, yes. The humorless Eeyore Bledsoe does love to share her state of perpetual outrage.

I’m sure visitors to our area are impressed by our version of Al Sharpton — except the Rev. Al’s sartorial tastes are more marketable than those of the Rev. Kris. Still, all this breathless outrage makes us look politically slick, very big-city. No one would ever mistake such an event for a group of progressive rubes who are haughtily convinced their own crudely lettered signs are appreciably more literate and impactful than those of their opposition.

Whatever. I look at this event as more of a collective foot-stomp. Participants can stomp their feet in indignance over and over again — if they synchronize their stomps, their cluster might be mistaken for a march.

Picture a Chris Chenoweth campaign rally. Only with swearing. And maybe a little pocket-flask brandy.


What a strange assortment of cynicism, snark, and condescension in this thread so far. It would be interesting to know if the staff writer agrees with the nature of that speculation about his true feelings on the subject. Good news though. Looks like two more on record with permission for the exercise of free speech. (Three if you count “Trafik,” although I couldn’t really determine if there was anything of substance in that post beyond the elaborate personal insults.) Curious how threatened some folks seem to be about your fellow Americans marching in solidarity.

Re providing proof for the special counsel, it does appear he is doing quite well without me. We are all awaiting additional facts but just for the record, fortunately the honorable Mr. Mueller has volumes of proof already and many “witches” have been bagged in the hunt thus far:

GUILTY PLEAS: Cohen, Flynn, Gates, van der Zwaan, Papadopolous, Pinedo
CHARGED: Kilimnik, 13 Russian Nationals, 12 Russian military intel officers,
ON THE DOCKET: At least two additional criminal investigations are currently in the works, as revealed in Flynn’s plea agreement earlier this week.

Meanwhile, the House is blue and hope springs eternal!

Chris Chenoweth

Thank you for the shout out, Trafik! I thought maybe you were done with your snark aimed my way but apparently not. Have a great weekend!


Sorry, Chris, it wasn’t meant to be personal. The self-important arrogance of the endlessly outraged left shudders when compared to anything aligned right. Your name was merely a convenient tool. I apologize — it was a cheap shot.

For the record, I strongly dislike Donald Trump. He is immature and not terribly bright. He is a vulgarian and a buffoon. The bulk of his administration is a train wreck. But I’m not marching around cackling with glee as I count up and note (in ALL CAPS, because nothing shrieks IMPORTANT like ALL CAPS) the embarrassing various indictments/convictions/pleas announced as I wait desperately for the president to be unmasked as a Russian secret agent.

I may not be delighted with the way things are going but I don’t think the solution lies in working myself into a tizzy as I confuse oafishness, stupidity and workaday corruption with all manner of treachery and perfidy.

It’s amusing how the hyperbole of the far left and the far right are practically identical in the screech of their cries of deep conspiracy.

Say, treefarmer, you might consider adding many exclamation points to further increase the IMPORTANCE of your ALL CAPS. Your street cred will soar among your fellow marchers!!!!!!!!!!


How magnanimous of you to offer your expert guidance to assist with my communication skills, “Trafik.” There I was assuming that since we are unable to set text to bold, I could use caps to distinguish categories in the interest of readability. INDEFENSIBLE! And if that wasn’t bad enough, I did indeed use an exclamation point. Apparently these egregious transgressions have so deeply offended your sense of superiority that you were willing to use your valuable time to share your acrimonious - yet almost clever – critique. (For my own good, no doubt?)

Rest assured I will give your next cheap shot all the attention it merits. (hint: I generally ignore posts filled with the “self-important arrogance” that you so ironically referenced.)


Good grief, treefarmer, your self-important arrogance inspired my original post. It seems we could form a dull little club.

As to offense, I’m not one to be easily offended although I’ll admit to a dislike for dramatic overstatement. To me, it seems much more productive to constrain our complaints to dispassionate analysis and direct our real energy into productive action — even if indignant marching wouldn’t be my first choice. But I’m sure you’ll forgive me for throwing a little of that overstatement back at you in my posts; it seems to be the common language some of you speak.

And speaking of language, you can use bold text, if you like. But I’ll admit ALL CAPS is easier. And much more dramatic.


Not snark or condescension, treefarmer: if you wish to use bold text, simply type [left caret]b[right caret] immediately before the text you want bold-faced and type [left caret]/b[right caret] immediately after the last character you want bold-faced. No spaces. Replace [left caret] with < and [right caret] with >.

They're the universal HTML tags for boldface text and they work here. Not many people know it, though.


treefarmer - You know when they go after your "caps lock"...they got nothin'.

The right to peacefully assemble is enshrined in the Bill of Rights. Protesting is very important to and healthy for our democracy. Peaceful protests can bring issues to light. They can change the conversation and re-direct energy and focus toward issues that are important to the average American. I wouldn't have been able to vote in the mid-terms if it wasn't for activists in the 1800s who refused to accept the status quo. Protests also remind our elected leaders that they have constituents that aren't major donors or corporations.

When I hear people disparaging those who want to protest, I have to ask myself why they would be against one of the most precious American rights we have.


Proverbs 26:12
Do you see a man who is wise in his own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than for him.

Proverbs 16:5
Everyone who is arrogant in heart is an abomination to the Lord; be assured, he will not go unpunished.


Appreciate your post, Mudstump. I think citizens gathering in solidarity to push back against corruption and treason epitomizes the spirit and soul of our democratic republic. As you have so accurately pointed out, it is our right, and has proved effective throughout our history. (Ending the deadly immoral war in Vietnam comes to mind.) As messy as the process has always been, likely will always be, it has been a vehicle to enforce the will of the people and create change. Don’t know how many protesters it takes to neutralize the influence of one nefarious fat cat donor, but we do know it can be done.

I have learned something from this thread. (insipid opinions about writing style notwithstanding) I assumed that those who oppose and ridicule activists were likely devoted apostles of Tariff Man. Lo and behold, it appears that some actually recognize that the captain is a madman and the ship is on fire. Even so, they remain content to sit still and sneer at their fellow passengers who care enough to man the bucket brigade. The message from the soft seats is “go ahead and stomp your feet you mild-mannered small-town college liberals.” (Have to admit that those inane characterizations made this seasoned citizen laugh out loud - although I am POSITIVE that was not the desired effect!). Oops, I did it again. :-}

Also: Kris Bledsoe, if you are monitoring this snarkfest please know you have the gratitude and support of many motivated fellow activists.


To be clear, treefarmer, my initial post on this thread was a direct response to what I saw as your arrogance [“... pathetic illiterate signs and shouting such brilliant slogans...”] and your hyperbole [“...forces that threaten our democracy...”]. I felt your condescension and overstatement deserved a rebuttal. In my opinion, Trump’s blundering bluster is a temporary embarrassment, not a clear and present threat to our system — to me, your language recalled the panicked words of many Republicans during numerous points of the Obama administration. If the tenor of your initial posts had been different, I would’ve felt little need to respond as I did.

I will admit I dislike Kris Bledsoe. I’m sure others know a different person but she strikes me as a perpetual complainer who loves a soapbox but doesn’t tend to offer substantive solutions — unless you count many failed attempts to win local elections. Further, Bledsoe’s most recent effort to gain office used disingenuous methods smacking of an odd desperation. In my opinion, she should confine her leadership goals to marches, not to seeking public office.

Speaking of marches, I fully support our right to peacefully protest. I also support our right to offer opinions of varying perspectives in forums such as this.

Finally, I confess I take my insulting language too far at times. This was one of those and for that, I apologize. For what it’s worth — probably nothing at this point — I generally respect you, treefarmer, as one of the most articulate users of this forum. Even though I disagree with you on certain issues, I recognize your noteworthy intellect.


tree farmer - "Don’t know how many protesters it takes to neutralize the influence of one nefarious fat cat donor, but we do know it can be done."

One thing I feel pretty certain of is that when our Congress people look outside their office window and see thousands of people in the streets...they take note and think more deeply about the legislation they support or oppose. Without push back they tend to vote in a way that fills their political coffers. I guess the squeaky wheel is the one that gets the grease.


I doubt that "most of our Congress people" are moved much by marchers. I've been to the offices of "our Congress people", and I can tell you that screeching mobs, waving bumper-sticker slogans, don't really move the needle of enlightened introspection. It may motivate the base of the marchers stay "woke", but it's usefulness in affecting any kind of change in policy is zilch.


How about that, Mudstump. Looks like the sayers of nay are throwing you some shade too. (Caps, punctuation, now syntax – what a hoot.). A badge of honor for sure though, and further evidence that defending inaction makes some people feel validated. (Or as opined in an earlier post, threatened perhaps?) Either way, we are all exercising our freedom of speech which indicates that our Constitution still has a pulse. So let the hollow mockery continue. It is very revealing, impotent, and even provides some levity for these dire times.


Responding to the holier than thou postings of you treefarmer is a waste of time. That is why I have never bothered to defend my beliefs with the facts I know to be true. You can take your high and mighty road and shove it in our faces for the next two to six years if that makes you happy. I will continue to be happy with rolled back regulations, jobs and low unemployment among so many other things.

No, not everything is perfect nor will it be but it's so unfortunate that so many things that have happened and are happening will never be reported by the ABC channels and certain cable networks.

You talk about marches and you've criticized in this thread marches of the past. Which side was responsible for so much destruction during the Treyvon Martin and Michael Brown days? What about all these ANTIFA protests where many of these people are paid to show up and hold signs yet have no idea why they're even there? What about George Soros and all his money that has controlled many of our elections and these protests. The protesters in many of these marches left destruction, garbage and nothing but disrespect. No, this is all fiction and no fact and a waste of time trying to explain. Don't even get me started on the #MeToo marches.

So, continue to correct everyone who disagrees with you on their spelling, punctuation, grammar and thoughts because obviously you are the only one who is correct.


"It is very revealing, impotent, and even provides some levity for these dire times." Sounds like a perfect description of these temper tantrum marches. Don't forget your pussy hats.


Uh oh, Finch, looks like I hit another nerve? But thanks for finally identifying a few reasons you support that person in the White House. We can agree that low unemployment is a big plus for all Americans. We can agree that some regulations needed to be cut back. (although I would have preferred less damage to the environment) Appears that we are also on the same page when it comes to violent demonstrations on either side, for any reason. I do not consider that to be civil disobedience, it is anarchy – dangerous and counter-productive. I would never lend my support to ANY form of violence. Did I give the impression I would?

We do diverge on our opinions of Mr. Soros. I didn’t even know who he was until the right began their campaign of propaganda to demonize him. I did some research and learned that he is a philanthropist who has focused his resources to support causes of democracy all across the globe. It may have been useful to cast him as the boogey man, but I do not believe that role is supported by the facts. Still, I acknowledge that many others have a different view and we can surely agree to disagree.

Re your perceptions that my attitude comes across “holier-than-thou,” looks like there is support for that accusation in several postings on this thread alone. I would prefer to be perceived as an opinionated person with strong convictions but since that’s not the case, and you seem so outraged by my comments, I respectfully suggest that you and your fellow critics should just stop reading what I have to say. Problem solved?

p.s. I challenge you to find any comment I have posted that corrects or belittles anyone else’s spelling, punctuation or grammar. I think you may have misinterpreted my remarks poking back at those who wanted to school me on mine.


Hey there “Sponge” The petulant little kindergarten taunt “I know you are but what am I” perfectly reinforces the original point but is even further enhanced by yet another verse of the ‘temper tantrum’ song. Definitely has me chuckling again. Thanks – and please…..mock on!


Finch - "I will continue to be happy with rolled back regulations, jobs and low unemployment among so many other things."

What good are the benefits if the man you support destroys our democracy and the country in the process? What makes you happy to receive the crumbs Trump throws you?


Glad you got a chuckle, treefarmer, but I mock only that which is deserving. So, march on!


"What good are the benefits if the man you support destroys our democracy and the country in the process? What makes you happy to receive the crumbs Trump throws you?"

Simple - I don't feel that way - you do.


I believed I was done with this tiresome thread but I’m feeling stupid. I am apparently too dense to see the impending catastrophe:

“... the destructive forces that threaten our democracy...” —treefarmer
“... the man you support destroys our democracy and the country...” —Mudstump

Is Congress being dissolved? Is the judiciary being abolished? Is civil law being suspended? Is the Constitution being discarded? Is the Bill of Rights being repealed? Is the military executing a coup? Are jackbooted police rounding up American citizens by the thousands and detaining them without due process? Is the United States being attacked, invaded and occupied by a foreign power? Is the economy crashing to bring about another Depression? Are supermarkets’ shelves bare of food and essentials? Are people starving in the streets? Do bands of militants roam the land in Toyota gun-trucks? Are roadside bombs routinely detonated, killing innocent passersby? Are unions being outlawed? Is free speech being quashed? Is the press being muzzled? Did Kate Brown announce she was straight, after all?

Or is a sophomoric man with a bad haircut and a junior high chip on his shoulder saying some mean and stupid things that just make us so puckered-up-angry we discard our ability to rationally quantify the crap that happens in our overwrought little worlds?

I just want to know because maybe I should be prepping a bunker instead of spending time here with you fine people. Perhaps a brisk march will help me see the light. At least I could practice my puckering with professionals.

(If anyone wishes to confirm my naïveté, please constrain your examples to events of corresponding gravity to the above-referenced destructive / destroy[s] forms. Lesser evils not actually destroying our system of governance or our nation should be eschewed.)


Trafik - amazing points and very well articulated.

Speaking of Kate Brown - where's the outrage over many of her shenanigans and proposals?


Trafik - In 1933 the Reichstag wasn't on fire....until it was.


".....Victoria de Grazia, who has argued that Trump bears little direct resemblance to either Hitler or Mussolini and is just a reactionary conservative. Trump is not Hitler in that he has not created concentration camps, shut down the critical media, or rounded up dissidents; moreover, the United States at the current historical moment is not the Weimar Republic. But it would be irresponsible to consider him a clown or aberration, given his hold on power and the ideologues who support him."

Excerpt from American Nightmare, Facing The Challenge Of Fascism by Henry A. Giroux


He maketh me to lie down in my bunker.
I don't believe Trump has a bad haircut--more of a bad hairdo. No, the combover will never be acceptable to fool people in believing you have abundant hair.
What I wonder about is the objective of this march. Despite reading the article several times, Bledsoe's intention remains fuzzy and unfocused. To "create transformation social change..." Could someone translate that term into plain English, because as it stands, it's simply empty. To "protest the lack of progress in our country right now"? Does she honestly believe legislators move any faster than a glacial pace. And they don't particularly care about anything except the preservation of their elite jobs. To "speak out about the Trump administration...? Maybe Ms. Bledsoe could try for more clarity.


I view this more as a march of the annoyed, not the outraged.

Bill B

It strikes me that what we read here is a microcosm of what is happening in the entire country. There is no middle ground, you are either strongly conservative or over the top liberal. Might be worth while spending more time on positive change than looking up quotes and checking our thesaurus (although I did have to check the dictionary for thesaurus spelling)


“Mudstump” - As always, I appreciate your quotes and perspectives.

“Lulu” - Just FYI, I can only speak for myself, but I am definitely not “annoyed.” This American citizen is heartsick and horrified and highly motivated.

To those who seem amused and suggest there is nothing to fear from a harmless vulgar delusional narcissist with funny hair, may I suggest a good read? Highly respected author Michael Lewis has written a comprehensive evaluation (“The Fifth Risk”) of how our government is being systematically dismantled and subverted. The corruption began even before day one of the orange reign of chaos. Warning: if you have been living in a comfy bubble with closed eyes and earplugs, the facts in this well-researched work may create enough cognitive dissonance to short-circuit your brain. (Brave enough to read this, “Trafik?”)


Recently I watched the interview of a farmer who has a huge soybean crop rotting in the silos. He was very worried about the real possibility of losing his family farm but still stands firm in support of the one whose reckless power games caused his circumstances. Like others, that hard-working ordinary American is steadfast in his beliefs. “He knows what he is doing, I trust him,” the farmer assured the reporter. The fraud in the White House is profoundly unworthy of that good man’s devotion.

It seems that some may never tire of lies that insult your intelligence, of paying taxes to support the power and lavish lifestyle of a grifter and his cabinet stocked with equally unethical greedy incompetents, of enduring humiliation and destabilization on the world stage, of watching the Patriots in our Military being used and abused like so many toy soldiers, of the calculated assault on the Constitution and the rule of law. I want to believe there is a limit to denial. Nixon had his faithful supporters too until facts and evidence exposed the ugly truth. Then again, as Nazi Minister of Propaganda Goebbels accurately espoused, if one lies about something often enough, (“No Collusion! Witchhunt!”) those lies can become ingrained and hard to shake loose. We can only wait and hope.

The malignant orange growth on our body politic is not benign, and it continues to metastasize whether one recognizes it or not. Opinions can’t alter facts, only our perception of them.


Such drama treefarmer. Reading your posts I thought you were referring to the previous president who was indeed very dangerous and corrupt.


Hello “Finch.” I would never argue that Obama was a perfect man, I did have my issues with some of his decisions. But I do see him as a decent moral person who led the country well. I miss the dignity he brought to the office, the competence, and the example he set for our youth. I am grateful that he actually read intel reports and took our national security seriously. He did not praise dictators, white supremacists and anti-Semites, or insult our friends and allies. I believe he respected the Constitution and supported the rule of law. Regardless of my “issues,” I regard Obama as the exact opposite of the nightmare we are now forced to endure.

That said, we all have our opinions and may I suggest again that you really should resist reading my posts. They do seem to irritate and confuse you. I have faith that sooner or later the truth will be revealed and only then will we know which opinions were closer to reality. Can we at least agree it is going to be interesting?


treefarmer it’s people like you that will make people vote for President Trump in the next election. You and people like you can’t stand anyone that doesn’t have the same beliefs you hold so close to your heart. You called the farmer in your example ordinary and there lies the problem with the extreme left. You feel if the middle class believes in something your highly intelligent left have to write that person off as ordinary and stupid because he doesn’t go along with your side. I won’t answer you back. I will leave you with this thought. You need to respect the office but not necessarily the man in it.


Hey “Jim.” I sincerely appreciate your observations, especially when you call out my use of the word ‘ordinary.” I certainly didn’t mean it in a derogatory sense. “Regular’ would have been preferable, and would have better communicated my impression of the person telling his story. I felt sincere compassion, maybe even kinship with that farmer. I am a farmer too. A regular middle class farmer. My trees are alive and well but if I was about to lose everything I would want to believe in something too. I have no illusions about my intellect, it is also ordinary/regular.

It is disheartening to read that you suggest my strong (over-the-top some have observed) opinions might be having the opposite effect on defenders of – let’s call him 45? But I get your message and it merits some serious consideration. I was never particularly political until our last Presidential elections. I do try to cast a wide net to gather my news and information so I won’t live in some radical bubble. I have cast ballots for both parties. I didn’t vote for, or much agree with, either Bush, but I respected them. They were my Presidents. I didn’t like many of their policies but perceived their decisions were focused on the general well-being of the country. They took their Oath seriously and governed with decency and dignity. I did not see their influence on America as malevolent and likely to create such instability that it would destroy us. There is no doubt in my mind that our values and security are being corrupted now, and if this continues much longer I fear the point of no return. In my (strong over-the-top) opinion, those who support and/or tolerate 45 are enabling his catastrophic influence to entrench and become normal. I will continue to do what I can to resist.

Thank you for your candid and enlightening post.


I read that Trump's ghost writer is working on a new book....The Art of the Plea Deal.


tree farmer - "There I was assuming that since we are unable to set text to bold, I could use caps to distinguish categories in the interest of readability. INDEFENSIBLE! "

You can set text to bold.

< b > TEXT HERE < /b >

(just no spaces between the < >)


I couldn't help but get a chuckle at the ranting and raving in this discussion above. The irony, contradictions, and hypocrisy abound was a hoot! Thanks for the laugh this morning y'all.


G’day fellow contributors. Now that two of you have taken the time to try and teach this old dog a new trick, let us see if I can follow your instructions:

"Dissent is the Highest Form of Patriotism."
-Thomas Jefferson

I still find caps to be the path of least resistance, but since it appears that some find the use of caps to be rude and/or obnoxious, perhaps a new skill would help me moderate my voice? Or not. :-}

“T.W.S.” - It is likely we all found humor even where it was surely unintended, but no doubt there is plenty of it in this thread. It is often said that laughter is the best medicine. I subscribe to nightly house calls from Dr. Stephen Colbert to provide some healthy relief from the alarming and unhealthy news of the day. Regardless, we should welcome humor where ever we can find it?

”Humor is emotional chaos remembered in tranquility.”
-James Thurber


So much for new tricks......I tried to "bold" two quotes and just look what happened. ~~~sigh~~~


I often come here for the comedy. Typically, I find the more outrageously funny acts to the right of the velvet rope but not always. And not usually for those acts’ philosophies so much as for their remarkable ways with words. Either way, I know I’ll find all manner of mis-language and mis-logic in the Red Room but equal amounts of overstated indignance and puckering in the Blue Room. And apparently I've even performed myself a time or two — you people are crappy tippers.

Your points, Mudstump and treefarmer, are not invalid.

But, Mudstump, saying a man bears close watching (I believe he does) and declaring he is destroying the country (damaging maybe, dividing certainly, but not destroying) are two vastly different statements.

And, treefarmer, Lewis’ assertions speak to a much greater peril than a bumbling, temporary, corrupt administration can possibly manage on its own. I think you’re giving too much credit to a band of swindlers and oafs.

Speaking of oafs, our next comedy act is a man armed with half-a-dozen ten-dollar words, a wildly inappropriate level of confidence and a thousand leftover political yard signs. Ladies and gentlemen, please put ‘em together for...

(You started your text correctly with < b > but you need to end it with < /b >, treefarmer. You must do both each time you wish to start and end boldface, unless you wish everything in a post to appear bold after your initial < b >. And remember, no spaces inside the carets. Also, I presume you understand that last "wildly inappropriate" crack was not directed your way.)


Well now, what do we have here - nightowls a pair?

Thanks for the additional instruction, I think I understand what I missed. (one properly placed / would have prevented such a public revelation of my inattention to detail.) I do most sincerely hope you are totally correct about too much credit to swindlers. I would sleep better.


Churchill, Hitler, Stalin, Trafik and treefarmer: all alphabetically ordered nightowls, it seems. And most of them drank.

You can create italics by using the same procedure, substituting an i for b, treefarmer, if the mood strikes you.


Every single rosy fingered dawn introduces new embarrassments since Trump took office. Some are silly; others criminal. He is a total blowhard, a racist, a sexist, a venal anti-intellectual, a lying ugly and ill-fitting suit. Most important--he is insane.


Although we are not formally acquainted, “Trafik,” I will assume that our biorhythms are the only thing we have in common with two of three names on your ordered list. (it may be possible we share a couple of additional quirks with Sir Winston?) Re drinking, these painful times make me wish I was able to tolerate the taste of bottled anesthetics. Alas, I am limited to biting the bullet.

“Lulu” – Reality well encapsulated……….except perhaps for adding the diagnosis of Severe Narcissistic Personality Disorder to categorize the insanity. (a condition irrefutably documented by proudly wearing a bird’s nest on one’s head in public.) Still – looks like the legal system is on track to be our salvation. Agonizingly slow, but moving in the right direction and finally picking up steam. Poor old Santa, the wish lists in recent years must be overwhelming - and impossible to wrap.