By Tom Henderson • Staff Writer • 

Action urged against ICE agents

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Bill B

I guess I'm missing something here. Unless one is here illegally, why is there concern?


Bring on ICE. They should have access to whatever is necessary to do their job. What does the word illegal mean? Why should Federal Agents who are doing their jobs have to be scrutinized for taking people that are here illegally to jail. You get shot in a lot of countries for crossing the border without proper paper work so jail seems a better option to me. I’m tired of our class rooms being filled by illegals that cost the taxpayers a lot of money. Do it right and become a legal citizen of our great country and participate as an American citizens and I don’t have a problem with immigrants. Growing up one of my best friends was an immigrant from Germany and we as children taught him the language and customs of America. He was an outstanding part of my life and a true patriot of our country.


Unlike many “immigration advocates”, I don’t support actively preventing ICE from doing its job.
However, the increasing number of incidences where US citizens and legal residents of Hispanic origin have been detained by ICE, sometimes for weeks, under the pretext of doubting their legality, certainly justifies concerns that the presence of ICE agents at the courthouse has a deterrent effect on all members of our Hispanic community, and denies them safe, equal, and free access to all services at the courthouse.


As i said on a similar thread...Im grateful for the brave American men and women of our country who get up every morning and put on the uniform. They are hero's who not only have to risk their own safety to enforce our immigration laws but they also have to deal with all of this political garbage from the radical far left. God bless them and God bless America!


Nothing is FREE.

Bill B

Rumpelstilzchen can you cite some sources for your allegations?


The 87 law says not use resources. ICE officers or me and my wife want to hang out around the Court House does not use law enforcement resources. Give the current climate I might not want to hang out around the Court House if ICE is there because I'm of a Mediterranean complexion,(brown). But we both have a right to be there.


Deport all the Democrats back to California where they belong !


When we allow ICE to detain people without legal warrants we are all in danger. Google the story of the young American-born man in Texas illegally held for 4 weeks even though he showed them proof of his citizenship. Google the story of the San Bernardino woman who is a legal citizen who was handcuffed and held by ICE. Google the story of ICE asking Miami-Dade jail to hold 420 people due to be released then rescinding this for 83 who are legal citizens. Reuters reports that 1% of ICE arrests are of US citizens. If you don't care about witnesses and victims being afraid to come to court to testify because either they or someone they love may be targeted by ICE, then you should care about the possibility that ICE's illegal arrests without legal warrants makes it possible for them to arrest even citizens. ICE acts extralegally, arresting people without identifying themselves and without having a legal arrest warrant. Watch this video of ICE trying to arrest a US citizen in Washington County. Is this how we expect law enforcement to act? No identification, no warrant? We either stand for the rule of law for everyone or we stand for it for no one.

Bill B

runnermagda13; watch the youtube video again. Nowhere are they actually identified as ICE agents and at the end the person filming this says "We think they are ICE agents"


runnermagda13 – appreciate your post, especially that last statement:

“We either stand for the rule of law for everyone or we stand for it for no one”

Without the rule of law our democracy is dead.


If 1% of the people detained by ICE aren’t here illegally I’d like you to show me any other government agency that is right 99% of the time. I applaud these people just the same as every police officer and military member that has served this country in a dangerous profession.


Thank you Ice!


Thank you ICE!


Because the trained volunteers say ICE is detaining illegally it's true? If they are I'm sure the ACLU would be all over it. Until that's proven the Federal Law Enforcement Officers are doing their job, legally. If they can detain a wanted subject in our county courthouse without the help of local law enforcement, they are doing their job. Local officials trying to ban them from public buildings that everyone has a right to enter is ridiculous and way beyond their authority. Thank you ICE, you are welcome in my community.


Everyone , we can do our part by signing the petition to remove Kate Brown from office. She flagrantly went against the will of the voters by giving illegals driver licenses. And isn’t that hypocritical of her to encourage people to drive cars? I thought cars were “bad?” Not only did she flagrantly thumb her nose at the voters but she and her buddies attached emergency clause so we cannot overturn their action. Anyway I easily got 40 signatures over the weekend and there are a lot of folks gathering signatures. Let’s remove her and stop this liberal tyrant!


ICE agents are sworn law enforcement who can arrest on probable cause as well as arrest warrants just as any other LE in our nation, therefore, they don't require a warrant to make an arrest. They are unique in that they have the authority to also arrest for administrative immigration laws too, most of which carry a criminal counterpart, e.g. Title 8 USC 1325 - Illegal Entry is a criminal violation and also a violation of INA §212(a)(6)(A)(i) which the administrative violation that leads to deportation proceedings. Both require detention and receive due process. ICE agents also have the power of subpoena to request records to be used against aliens in removal proceedings, therefore city, county, and state agencies must abide by these legal documents.
The men and women of ICE are doing an extremely tough job, typically working with language barriers, often in unpopular political circumstances, while trying to find people who are living different identities altogether. Rumpelstilzchen mentions the arrests of USCs and legal residents but I'm sure doesn't have all the facts in these isolated cases. Remember, ICE can and does arrest citizens for criminal violations and legally present aliens can be detained and placed into removal proceedings if they are in violation of immigration law such as having certain convictions, status violations, etc. There are many cases where people are detained until ICE can determine their identity, which is common in the Latino population because identity theft has become so rampant. This happens not just with ICE, but with all LE as Jim mentions. In other states ICE agents often pair with local LE to crush gang violence, drug dealing, etc. Immigration law is perhaps our most effective domestic tool in the fight on terrorism too. Take some time, educate yourselves, and understand the realities of what is ACTUALLY happening in your communities in relation to immigration enforcement.


Be sure to stop by the Republican Booth at Yamhill County Fair (last day today). There are two petitions there to sign to recall Kate Brown.