Thomas Taylor Butler 1946 - 2024

Tommy Butler, Wildcat football's super fan, seldom felt defeat. He began living in McMinnville the year after Linfield's last losing season ('55) as nearly a 10 year old.

After a  two-year starting center for his J.V. team, he enlisted in the USMC in April of his senior year ('64), as a 17 year old. He served in Vietnam after making "starlight" amphibious landings, and taught radio at Montford Point I at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, to finish his service. He said he didn't drink that poison water, only beer when thirsty.

He returned to Mac and drove trucks hauling milk from Caldwell to Sunshine Dairy. He ran a steering car in the back of oversized bridge beams and knew Third Street from the Deluxe Tavern to the Blue Moon Saloon like the heroic logger he was.

Left older brother, Cy, and wife, Lucey, in Alabama, and was uncle to Lindsay and Garett, and great-uncle to Lindsay's cute daughter, Marlow.

He left little brother, Bart, like Tom, old and childless. He leaves a hole in our world and a proud reminder to us all of peace, love, joy, and happiness, never to forget his Olympias quenching our thirst a sip at a time


Don Dix

Not mentioned, but Tommy also did not appreciate the street trees downtown. He founded 'Third Street Logging Company' to oppose their presence -- looks like he was correct. RIP my long-time friend.

john fritter

Condolences to the family. Tom was an old time friend of my dad’s (Larry Weiher), who I enjoyed running into over the years. He always had a smile on his face and a kind word. Rest easy.
Michelle Weiher Dietzman

Don Dix

Larry was a classmate and neighbor on Baker Creek Road.

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