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Lafayette apologizes for lack of boil water notice


The city of Lafayette apologized via press release on Wednesday for telling residents a boil water notice was unnecessary on Tuesday, when pressure dropped in the city’s water system.

“City staff had originally assumed that with the low pressure in our system, it would not call for a notice. City staff was made aware of a complete water loss in the system. A complete water loss normally activates a boil water notice for those affected. City staff failed to do this within the required 24-hour notice period,” the press release stated.

However, it said, “The City has had all the Bac-T tests, which test for total coliform bacteria, come back negative within that 24-hour time. City staff took numerous samples and implemented water flushing across the service territory according to Oregon Health Authority’s Best Management Practices. City staff will collect additional samples throughout our system on Thursday, Jan. 12. We apologize for the miscommunication from City staff. We will do better next time to give more accurate information.”

City Administrator Branden Dross said the city isolated the main line from the city’s watershed while investigating a possible leak. Residents had access to water from the booster station supplied by McMinnville Water & Light, but experienced lower than normal water pressure for about three hours, Dross said.


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