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Bladine: A tale of two readers and new N-R e-editions

Some will embrace our “big change”; others will cancel their subscriptions. Some will accept one weekly printed issue and shun e-editions; others will begrudgingly join the world of digital publications.

But some, perhaps to their surprise, will find that printed and e-edition newspaper issues can co-exist and even amplify reader experiences. All we can ask is that you give it some time.

It was a difficult decision: Instead of simply eliminating one weekly publication day, we chose to replace the lost print issue with two standalone e-editions. We knew we would get responses like this heartfelt letter from a concerned reader:


Jeb Bladine is president and publisher of the News-Register.

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“I am a senior citizen who both reads the News-Register (in print) and has access to it online. I greatly prefer the print edition. But several of my friends (who also read the N-R) do not have and do not want computers. They are active members of the community, and are often featured in articles and pictures in the N-R as a result of their activities. Other seniors I have talked to have less income and less ability to get information about activities and services available, and thus depend on the N-R for such news. The coming cutbacks will have the greatest impact on people who have the fewest options.”

I was still contemplating that conundrum when this email came in Wednesday night:

“I read my first online issue tonight, and have to say it was a definite winning experience. (My spouse) does all the newspapers online, but I never had. So, I was excited to see what would shake down – WOW, easy to read and navigate! I also found myself reading all the articles in their entirety, which I confess I tended to skim through in the paper version. I’m still trying to decipher why, but maybe because there’s no page turning or folding?”

Like Reader #1, we prefer print. But like Reader #2, we can’t ignore the features of e-editions: Zoom-in readability; word-searchable current and archived editions; easy-add reference notes; downloadable pages and full issues for reading without Internet.

Give it a try. Access any available computer. Consider acquiring an inexpensive digital tablet for portable reading. Call for help if you have problems with the website or e-edition system.

One other thing: Whether in print or e-editions, take note of local advertisers. Let them know where you saw their message, and that you appreciate their important role in the survival of local community journalism. Buy and support their goods and services.

And keep reading.

Jeb Bladine can be reached at or 503-687-1223.


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