Harry G. McCulley 1944 - 2023

Carol, David, and Libby McCulley want to thank you for your very thoughtful cards and comments that we received after we announced the death of our husband and father, Harry (Butch) McCulley, on February 22, 2023. Some made us laugh and some made us cry, but we loved reading and hearing them all. The obituary was published in the March 3, 2023, News-Register.

Our family members are spread far and wide, and we do not know all of Butch’s professional colleagues, patients, and others, so we are planning a virtual toast to Butch at 1 p.m. Sunday, September 10, the day before his birthday. We would love for you to have a toast to Butch, alone or with your families or friends on that date. If you can’t toast on the 10th, please set another date that will be convenient for you. Butch was partial to wine, but your favorite beverage will be perfect. Butch’s grandson will probably choose chocolate milk. Because we remember Butch as a very caring man, our toast to him will include how important it is for all of us to care for others.



He was a great friend and teacher in the local Emergency Medical Services/
EMT/Paramedics groups.

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