Letters to the Editor: June 16, 2023

Hanging in the wind

After reading Friday’s paper, I kept thinking about that sculpture Kirby Neumann-Rea mentioned in last week’s column.

I am newish to town, having moved here last August. I was raised in my grandparents’ newspaper office in Southeast Alaska.

As a 23-year-old who has moved away, I continue to write part-time for that publication. In the daytime, I work in the library adjacent to Linfield’s wellness trail, so walk past “Tunnel” often.

That sculpture feels almost sacred. Kirby notes the way the newspaper pages attached to it raise feelings about career journalism, and I agree with those thoughts.

But for me, those pages mean even more. They invoke the Wednesdays I helped stuff newspapers with grocery sale pamphlets.

They remind me of my grandmother preparing bacon on New Year’s Day and letting the grease seep into outdated headlines. And knowing now that artist Marissa Nagano used newsprint from her grandfather only furthers this feeling.

Kirby is right. There is something beautiful, and, frankly, haunting, about “Tunnel” and its newsy fluttering. That art reminds me of how often newspapers make me worry and how hard I try to hold them close.

For me, news is a way of listening.

This piece of art makes me feel heard, and I am glad of that. I am glad, too, of this newspaper and the opportunity it has given me to further consider those pages hanging in the wind.

Ariadne Will



No warning needed

A gentleman from Portland recently wrote a letter complaining about use of speed detection radar on the Newberg/Dundee Bypass. He said it was illegal under ORS 810.439 (1) (a)(D) to use radar without first posting a “photo radar in use” warning.

Please be advised Mr. Shantu Shah, if you ever read this paper again, that you are correct about photo radar but wrong in your application and use of the term.

Photo radar is the use of cameras at preset locations, normally high-traffic intersections, to catch speeders and red light runners. Use of hand-held or car-mounted radar is completely legal anywhere in the state, without any requirement for warning signage.

Sorry if you were caught speeding, but glad that you did not cause any accidents along the way. Thanks to the officer if you were stopped because he or she was doing his or her job.

Roger Currier



Where I stand

I’ve been a citizen of this community for more than 30 years. I was born and raised in the area.

I’ll begin with this: I am disgusted with people in this city and their views on things.

The police force is crooked, according to the radicals.

Well, my family was a huge part of the Portland Police Bureau back in the day, and I have the proof to combat that statement. My grandfather left the department over stuff like that.

I’m tired of good people in the community suffering because of what social media thinks is right. I may get negative feedback from this, but that’s where I stand.

Casey Oliveira



Costly coffee

I find it crazy each morning to pass by Dutch Brothers and see about 20 motorists lined up to buy coffee.

Why not buy a coffee maker and make your own? It tastes just as good!

Or why not donate that $30 a week to a charity or an animal shelter?

Sandra Ponto



A great man

I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Angerano. I too get sick of hearing the phrase, “It’s what the people want.” And we all know it’s the Fox News hosts who keep saying it.

The difference between Mr. Angerano and me is, I do want answers to some questions.

First, while I don’t care about Hunter Biden and his struggles with addiction, I do want Joe Biden investigated.

I believe he’s taken money for personal financial gain. I think his policies are leading this country over a cliff.

I no longer trust Director Christopher Wray and our FBI either, and believe me, it hurts to say this.

He has stonewalled everything. Why does anyone still trust this man?

I condemn what happened on Jan. 6, but President Trump is not to blame.

I watch many of the House hearings. I believe the FBI whistleblowers are legitimate.

Why would someone risk harm to their family and livelihood by not telling the truth. I applaud these brave men.

Please stop blaming Donald J. Trump for everything. He is a great man who loves this country.

He has done more than any other president. I can’t think of anyone, other than Jesus, who has been more unfairly persecuted.

Judy Hromyko



Read the indictment

The great American experiment in self-government has continued from our founding in 1776 until now because the majority of our people trust the system, even knowing it’s not perfect. In order to destroy American democracy, you would need to undermine trust in key areas of our system, including elections, law enforcement and the judiciary.

If you were paying attention, you should have noticed that the 45th president and his top lieutenants have been doing everything in their power to undermine trust in these core elements of our country, and are having some success. In the end, I believe our democracy will stand long after he’s gone, but make no mistake, it will be tested.

The current situation, where the former president is under indictment for illegally possessing confidential and top secret classified documents, would have already put any other person behind bars for life.

This is not a witch hunt. It is a serious crime.

The former president brought this problem upon himself by claiming he had a right to government documents when he knew he did not, then proceeding to defy legal orders to return the documents. In doing so, he egregiously put our national security, our military and many of our allies at risk.

Citizens of Miami, serving on a federal grand jury, determined the prosecution had a very strong case. If you are in doubt, and you have not read the 49 pages in the indictment, I recommend you do so.

I pray that we as a country pass this test. That way, my children and grandchildren, and other members of future generations, will be able to live in our imperfect democracy.

Let us not fall to authoritarian tyranny.

Phil Forve





In reference to "A Great Man" I have no issue with any investigation into any politician or family member that profits from the office. Investigate Biden, his family, his friends for any "illegal" profit they made (there are many avenues that are unfortunately allowed like the "insider trading
in the delay to announce the Covid spread). With the caveat that at the same time a thorough investigation of the 2 billion given to a family member given to a family member that held an appointment (Jamal Khashoggi was investigating that when murdered). Or a daughter that suddenly had their licenses approved in China. The whistleblowers you say are endanger for coming forward never manifested, and by all accounts never existed. Read "The way of a Demagogue" to understand how that worked. AS the standing President on Jan. 6th his speech very specifically inceited the actions and then purposely refused to call in reinforcements (only the President is allowed to call in the National Guard in the District of Columbia because it is not a state with a Governor) to assist and protect the limited police force to quell the attack. And because of phone records, social media posts, and wifi logins they do know who these people were. That aided immensly in arrests and convictions.


Judy H, I find it particularly offensive that you insult Jesus with your comparison to Donald Trump.


I have seen many Trump supporters interviewed, they all seem to reflect opinions similar to those stated in one of the letters above: “He Who Walks On Water.” Truth doesn’t factor in, documented facts are rejected, only Trump’s delusional lies can be believed. He is willing to burn down our country to prevent being revealed (accurately) as a loser and a con man. All the pathetic pretzel “logic” used to defend him does not change that reality.

He was right once though – he declared that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose a vote. As long as the faithful revere him, believe he can DO NO WRONG (chapter one from the autocrat’s playbook) our democratic republic remains in jeopardy.

In addition to the comparison to Jesus, I also find it particularly troubling that some of my fellow Americans want to re-elect a President who proudly and recklessly endangers our national security. Is there no limit to what will be tolerated to sustain devotion to a false god? Incomprehensible!


Gotta love that Bret Baier interview yesterday. Trump gushed praise of himself for the case of Alice Johnson. Her sentence was commuted by him in 2018. Alice Johnson was serving life in prison for cocaine distribution and money laundering. Johnson was even in a Super Bowl ad promoting Trump’s campaign. Trump also wants the death penalty for all drug dealers....and these 2 ideas came crashing together on live TV for all to see:

“But she’d be killed under your plan,” Baier noted.

“Huh?” Trump responded.

“As a drug dealer,” Baier replied.

“No, no, no. Oh, under that? It would depend on the severity”

Just like George sang: "All through the day....I....ME....MINE"


By all accounts the Baier interview exposed more than one pathetic brain freeze/word salad. Evidently the many comments about his hoarding of documents can and will be used in his trial. (A legal subpoena has no power to compel a self-declared god to dig out sensitive national security documents tossed in a box of shirts and shoes?) The interview was bizarre but the part that I find most offensive and repulsive is the never-ending ego masturbation. Perhaps the faithful love to hear him lie about how perfect and amazing he is? For some of us it seems beyond vulgar and nauseating. (Of course pathological narcissism is a serious mental disorder so I suppose we should also try to have some compassion?)


Donald Trump:
The “businessman” that bankrupted 3 casinos and lost over $1 billion.
The “billionaire” that hides is tax returns.
The “genius” who hides his college grades.
The “philanthropist” that defrauds charity.
The “Christian “ that doesn’t go to church.
The “patriot” that dodged the draft.
The “innocent man”that refuses to testify.

Bill B

treefarmer and tagup - You two need to get some new material!


Or you need a new candidate.


Well now, Mr. B – are you suggesting that the interview this week is “old news?” Would you care to dispute (with facts please) the areas where you take exception to the observations/opinions posted above? Thank you in advance.

Bill B

tagup- I do have a candidate in mind and it's neither Trump or Biden. I'm just saying to you and tree farmer; most of what you say is true but it just regurgitates what has been said many many times. Too many in my opinion. Let's move on.


Bill- I was given the “let’s move on” advice in a previous post regarding the “big lie” of the last election. I would be happy to do that, but the source of the problem is still the party’s leading candidate, and a large percentage of Republican lawmakers don’t have the spine to speak out. People that put politics over truth, cannot be trusted to do right for the country. As long as that situation remains, there can be no moving on …


“Let’s move on.” he said. That would be a great idea, a relief actually. Unfortunately the lies and propaganda continue to come at us like a firehose. The sheer repetition of it, if left unaddressed, ultimately causes it to be accepted as truth. It can - and does - inspire and justify violence in the minds of the believers. Just like with the J6 insurrectionists, lies are spun into some perverted idea of patriotism. As a concerned citizen, I consider it necessary to continue to speak out even if some may (and do) take exception to my concerns, or how often I express them. (One always has the option to scroll on past my comments, right?)

Way too much at stake here to remain silent.

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