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Three-alarm wildland fire burns northwest of Yamhill


Multiple agencies responded late Sunday morning to a three-alarm wildland fire northwest of Yamhill on Belt Road, according to Yamhill Fire Chief Trampas Bergstrom. The location was off Turner Creek Road.

Bergstrom said fewer than 20 acres on private property were impacted. There were multiple burn piles, and the blaze initially started when one got out of control.

“Looking at the fuel models — types of ground material that could potentially ignite — the remoteness of the area, the terrain, lack of access, I called for a third alarm,” Bergstrom said. “This was not flat ground. This was steep timber terrain.”

Bergstrom said the “wildland model” for firefighting was activated for increased fire activity in this case. Different types of hoses came into play, for example, according to the chief.

“This doubled in size in less than 20 minutes,” Bergstrom said. “Structures were being threatened. Opting to go to a third alarm called in more resources, not just our immediate neighbors.”

In addition to Yamhill, agencies that responded to the callout were from Amity, Gaston, Grand Ronde Tribal, Lafayette, McMinnville and Tualatin Valley (Newberg).

There were 13 pieces of equipment and 35 firefighters on scene.

“This came extremely early in the year,” Bergstrom said of the fire. If this incident is any indication of the fire season that agencies might be facing this year, he said “it puts us on the ready.” He said this was the type of fire activity he would expect to see in June or July.

“Fuels have dried out,” the chief said. “We had an east wind and higher than normal temperature. The fuel moisture is dropping rapidly.”

In recent days, wildland fires were reported in the following locations: 21000 block of Dopp Road, Newberg; 3000 block Stoller Road, Dayton; 16000 block of Masonville Road, McMinnville; 28000 block of Andy Riggs Road, Grand Ronde, and 16000 block of Kings Grade Road, Newberg.


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