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Alleged machete assault suspect located in Portland

UPDATE  Friday evening: The suspect and vehicle have been located in Portland.


The Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office is searching for an Amity man who allegedly attacked his brother with a machete shortly after 3 a.m. Friday, Feb. 3.

Deputies responded to the assault call in the 300 block of Fifth Street. The victim was transported by ambulance to the Willamette Valley Medical Center and transferred by Life Flight Helicopter to a trauma hospital.

The suspect, identified as Peter Darius Huber, 33, fled prior to deputies arriving.

He was driving a white 2007 Toyota Highlander with Oregon license plate 148 NUE.

Anyone who has seen Huber or knows of his whereabouts should call 911.



What's the problem? It's just a machete. It isn't like it is an "assault weapon" that can be used to commit mass murder. Oh wait. During the occupation of Nanking, two Japanese officers had a contest to see who could kill the most people with their Samurai swords. They called it a draw at a hundred victims each because they were getting tired.


He was arrested in Portland.


He is still not in custody.

DB Cooper

Are we for absolute certain the JWC is not some sort of AI programmed to type the most off the wall nonsense that it can generate


Absolutely an AI program.
No sentient, sapient human being would suggest that we should arrest a suspect who is implicated by overwhelming evidence of assaulting someone with a "harmless machete", then immediately release them on their own recognizance. Heaven knows that a machete couldn't be a deadly weapon. Just look at Mexico. Because of Mexico's stringent gun control laws, few homicides aside from killings related to the drug cartels are committed with firearms. Mexico still has a homicide rate double the US homicide rate because Mexicans are able to hack each other to death with machetes and other types of cutting instruments or use bludgeones or what not.


Hey DB Cooper, JWC is not AI. It is more of a broken record that plays the same whining tune over and over, and over, and over....



Suspect is still not on the Yamhill County jail roster. Still no record of a court case in the Oregon Judicial website.

Maybe he is in a mental hospital with DB Cooper and Yamhillbilly?

How much you bet that this evolves into a repeat of Shane Rader?

Better a broken record raising the relevant issues than a brainless bumpkin that can't even understand the issues.


Huber was in the hospital at OHSU. He’s in jail as of Monday in Yamhill County.

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