Letters to the Editor: Sept. 9, 2022

Waste not, want not

This summer, the news has been full of stories about raids on illegal,  large-scale marijuana-growing operations.

The stories all end with the destruction of the seized marijuana. But why waste it?

There have to be a fair number of people who use marijuana to alleviate pain or other symptoms of illness and injury.

The news is also full of stories about high prices and inflation. Why not use what is seized in order to help citizens in need?

Fred Fawcett



President overstepping

Several reasons college debt forgiveness is harmful to all of us:

1) It’s unconstitutional.

2) Only Congress has the authority to forgive debts or make treaties.

3) The president is overstepping his authority.

4) Congress is delinquent for not stopping this infraction.

5) Congress is delinquent for not abiding by the Constitution and not being aware of its rightful limits and controls, else members would not praise this act.

Mary Novak



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