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Library evacuated after suspicious item found

Members of the public were told Wednesday evening that a suspicious package had been found on the premises of McMinnville Library, and instructed to immediately leave the building shortly after 7 p.m.

A staff member found an item they could not identify and reported it to McMinnville police, who instructed staff to tell people to evacuate. Police investigated and found the object to be harmless,  police Cpl. Matt Peters told the News-Register about 9 p.m. Police had no further comment.

The library officially closes at 7 p.m. Those told to leave, in addition to staff, included a musical group that uses the Carnegie Room once a month and had been scheduled to remain until 8 p.m.

The incident comes a few days after Saturday’s west McMinnville incident in which a man was arrested after allegedly firing an estimated 200 rounds and throwing explosive devices from inside a home, and within a week after reports of two explosive devices elsewhere in the city. Police notified the public Monday of the detonation of an explosive device and discovery of a second, unexploded, device, in two McMinnville neighborhoods.



Can the NR do a real story on this and not parrot the police FB post? Find out what the hell the PD are doing about this and why it is apparently no big deal to them. Nothing new on the two exploding packages from a week and a half ago?

Hello, anybody there?


Not sure what you expect Mac PD to do? The object was reported to be harmless. If there is a connection to other incidents, I doubt it would helpful to the investigation to put the details in the paper.
You apparently have some additional insight to the story that hasn’t been released.

Paul Daquilante

Bigfoot Lives . . .

See Friday's print edition.

Paul Daquilante/reporter


Tag, does my comment lead you to believe I have insight? There were more than a few people that responded to the pd’s FB post asking the same question. Seams like good information for the public to have given that there’s 14 different cars/vans, marked and unmarked dropping off Amazon packages on any given day in SW McMinnville.

Thank you Paul, I have not read the print edition yet but will look for the article.


Well...yes! your demands to know what the Mac PD was doing about a harmless package along with your accusation that they weren’t taking the library investigation seriously, led me to that conclusion.


Police usually act on cases where there is evidence of a crime. If the package was harmless and not designed to look like a bomb, what would be the charges? Forgetting an item when leaving the library?

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