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Farmers Market hours shortened because of heat

McMinnville's Farmers Market will run from noon to 4 p.m. Thursday, shorter hours than usual due to the intense heat, the McMinnville Downtown Association announced.
"We expect there to be a reduced number of vendors, but still plenty to shop from," added Dave Rucklos, MDA director.
The popular farmers market runs every Thursday afternoon on Cowls Street south of Second Street and in the adjacent city parking lot. Vendors offer fresh vegetables, berries and other produce, local products such as cheese and jams, and food ranging from breads and snacks to meals.
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Heat what heat Summer is supposed to be hot!


Not this hot!

Due to climate change, our entire planet is heating to a dangerous degree. So we have lots of company as we swelter.

More tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, wildfires, thunderstorms, floods and scorching heat, thanks to our love of plastics, wonder chemicals, fossil fuels and so forth.

Soon we'll be facing 12 straight months of summer. I can hardly wait.

Burn, planet, burn.


Don Dix

sbagwell wrote -- 'Soon we'll be facing 12 straight months of summer.'

Is there actually reliable evidence supporting such a claim, or just another case of media hype?


Maybe a view outside the box could help. All continents are drying out and heating up dramatically. Lots of burning in Germany, Southern Europe and around the world. But there are still people calling it “Weather “.

Don Dix

Love the words 'due to climate change' -- blah, blah, blah. The climate didn't just recently begin to change, it's been occurring since the Earth was formed. Those who believe all the hype should immediately send all their money in and allow the UN to 'change the climate' back to normal (whatever that is deemed to be)... right?


Yesh, and we all know the earth is flat.


A 2019 review of scientific papers found the consensus in n the cause of climate change to be at 100% and a 2021 study concluded that over 99% of scientists agree on the human cause of climate change. It’s comforting to know that here in McMinnville we have amongst us Don Dix who knows better than all these scientists from all over the world.

Don Dix

The scientific method -- observation, question, hypothesis, experiment, results, conclusion. It only takes one failed experiment to dispel a scientific hypothesis, so consensus has no foundation in the actual truth of the conclusion. And claiming 100% (agreement) is about as flawed as the hypothesis of CO2 causing 'global warming' (since changed to 'climate change' so every 'weather event' can be claimed as proof). There are many scientists who dispute these claims, if one would care to examine.


My sources for my previous statement are the IPCC, the National Academy of Sciences, the British Royal Society and most of the world’s major scientific bodies too numerous to cite here. Clearly, Don Dix, you are going to believe what you want to believe no matter how overwhelming the evidence is against your belief. I’m done with this now.

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