Letters to the editor: May 27, 2022

Lives at stake

Once again, our country is facing the horrific mass murder of precious and innocent children.

What are we doing? Why are there so many residents of our county supporting leaders, especially two leaders on our board of commissioners, who want our county to be a gun sanctuary?

Texas is a gun sanctuary state, and see what’s happened there.

I don’t understand. We could have a mass murder right here in our own beloved county, thanks to the leadership we have.

Please, everyone. In the future, please vote with care — as if your life depended on it.

Liz Marlia-Stein



Look downtown instead

The letter regarding the old Tanger Outlet Mall was correct.

I worked at the mall from the day it opened until the day it closed.

I would often quiz the customers as to why they didn’t come more often, and the response was usually, “I’m in a hurry to get to the beach” or “I’m in a hurry to get home.” They also mentioned the larger outlet mall at the coast, where families could drop off the shoppers and head to the beach.

The area where the mall sat was just in the wrong place. It was too close to Salem and Portland.

So why spend all that time and money just to end up with more medical offices? And for that matter, the medical offices aren’t full either.

I think the answer is to invest instead in downtown McMinnville.

Joyce Messina



No to big boxes

I am very concerned about the Three Mile Lane Plan box store development.

I lived in Portland until 2013, so I’m familiar with Kimco developments cited as examples in the News-Register article of May 24.

They aren’t pedestrian-friendly. They don’t serve as attractive visitor destinations or neighborhood gathering places. They don’t contribute to a livable community.

Costco isn’t a neighborhood grocery store. Chain stores don’t  support local business.

A chain mall isn’t a neighborhood shopping center. It doesn’t serve as a gathering place or park, nor does it make a meaningful contribution to mixed-use development.

The examples of Clackamas Square, Oregon Trail Center and Jantzen Beach Center in Metropolitan Portland are a far cry from the original Three Mile Lane Plan examples of the Old Mill District in Bend and Orenco Station in Hillsboro. That’s apples to oranges.

McMinnville will have its oases on Third Street and the Granary District, but other than that, it will all be out-of-state corporations that don’t give a darn about the beauty, viability or livability of our county, let alone how a pedestrian will cross a highway to get to a loaf of bread or a dozen eggs.

Robin Ricker



Whose vision?

The News-Register editorial which lauded the dumping of Kurt Schrader for Jamie McLeod-Skinner, as Democratic nominee in the 6th Congressional District, stated she would be more attuned to Biden’s vision for America.

And what, pray tell, is that vision? It seems to be whatever is the latest liberal idea coming out of the teleprompter.

The reality of America, as Joe Biden has molded it so far, is hyperinflation, $5 gasoline, open borders, Russian aggression and severely divided politics. He has not healed the wounds, but has stoked the fires of partisan division.

He is using government agencies such as the FBI, Department of Justice and Department of Defense, and every other agency in his control, to introduce liberal woke views to Americans. The elections in November will most surely readjust the reins of power in Washington.

Only a small minority of Americans approve of the results we see at the stores and gas pumps. Is this the vision we want our elected officials to follow?

Steve Wozniak



Protect democracy

It’s no secret that Congress is polarized. Rarely does an issue receive strong bipartisan support.

That’s why it’s so striking that four out of five voters agree we must do more to safeguard our democracy from presidential corruption.

No president, regardless of party, should be able to exploit weaknesses in our political system for personal gain.

That’s where the Protecting Our Democracy Act comes in. If passed, it would prevent future abuse of presidential power, protect against corruption, increase transparency and ensure presidents of either party can be held accountable.

If the average person used public office for personal gain, he’d go to jail. If the average person could pardon himself, there would be no rule of law.

No president should be above the law. It’s just common sense.

I’m urging Congress to pass the Protecting Our Democracy Act. It’s time we put safeguards in place to prevent a corrupt president of any party from abusing the power of high office.

Tim Wright

Grand Ronde


Don Dix

Liz Marlia-Stein -- Portland is a 'sanctuary city', meaning local law enforcement has been asked (by mayor and council) not to cooperate with ICE and not to help with deportation of those here illegally. Yet Portland is and has been one of the most violent cities in the US (475 'reported shootings' the first 4 months of '22). Just by sheer numbers, one should feel safer in 'gun santuary Yamhill County' than a city just 30 miles to the NE which is not.


And just like that, Donny boy with another flawed argument. Portland is no where close to one of the most dangerous cities in America. And nice dog whistle complaining about ICE. Study after study shows it’s not one of the most unsafe cities…. https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/pictures/the-most-dangerous-cities-in-america/#app


I'll bet most of "those here illegally" can punctuate better than you, DD.


It may not be one of the most violent, but Portland is a dump. It’s on track for another record year for homicides, downtown is an empty shell, and there is an article on the Oregonian website about the Portland police having the lowest numbers in 28 (I think that was the #) years. The slide is just starting.

We created a society that cheers, and fiercely protects the dismemberment of babies in the womb and then are shocked and dumbfounded when a mentally ill young man kills 22 people at an elementary school.

We have no compassion for life in this country. Our most innocent lives are threatened and can be snuffed out legally, calling it the woman’s choice. We created a culture of death in this country, and this is what the consequences looks like.


There are word salads and then are what Bigfoot wrote. I’m going to call it a word Smörgåsbord. What else can we blame abortion for? Global warming (probably doesn’t believe in that but she’ does believe in Bigfoot)? I’ve got it, abortion is the cause of traffic and high taxes.

Don Dix

Can you find 'dangerous' in my post? Nope! But according to the report below, it should have been included.

Police adequacy (ability to respond) -- Portland police are severely understaffed (per police bureau). When violence occurs, response time is always directly related to overall safety. Violent crimes and Portland police's inability to respond rank them #9 as the most 'dangerous' (city pop. 100K+). It's ignorant to call any area a safe environment with an average of nearly 4 shooting per day (and rising) for 4 months (10 shootings in 24 hrs. beginning Friday morning this weekend).


Bigfootlives—growing weary of your nonsensical, overly emotional rants on this forum. Get the help you need and stop dumping here


No, you’re right, I realize that. We have a great respect for life in this country. I can see it all over the news.


Bigfoot--how many of these school shooters/mass shooters are males?


Maybe we could all bus our own tables and remove our noses from other people's personal business.

Jeb Bladine

FYI, Rotwang would not be able to post comments if his-or-her subscription was expired ... and his/her comments are subject to the same N-R policies as others -- those displayed via the link above.


I am 100% for free political discourse and entirely against censorship. That said, I do have one request for my fellow Americans. Let's keep our online discussions civil, logical, and free of unnecessary personal animus. I know it's hard sometimes and we all fail at times (including myself) but believe it or not American social media is monitored by Chinese and Russian intelligence to gauge the level of discord in our country.

Both believe the way to beat a pluralistic society like America is to divide her and actively try to turn up the heat through bot accounts (e.g. 2016 election & Russian bot ads). There may be some tough times coming our way - you wouldn't believe what is being discussed even on stodgy/boring financial podcasts (see link). We need to stay united or we invite a geopolitical challenge from the newfound Russo-Sino political alliance I thought might develop several years ago (see my 2020 Letter to the Editor - 2nd link).




Please note that the NR titles letters to the editor and I did not give my letter the title 'Lay off the president'. My brother-in-law wondered at the time if whoever gave it that title actually read it.


Rob- I appreciate your stance of free political discourse and censorship, but I wonder how you view political claims & positions that are factually false? Do you consider truth a requirement for a balanced political discussion ?


The problem lies in the definition of a 'fact' during real-time debate and the execution of current censorship by fact-checkers of our main venues of the debate (e.g. Twitter). What they are in fact doing is defending prevailing narratives even when individuals cite specific studies (even CDC) or analysis. That practice runs counter to classic Western scientific and debate processes.

Remember when Hunter Biden's laptop was censored for being 'Russian Disinformation', a novel coronavirus couldn't possibly have leaked from a coronavirus lab (so discussion of the possibility was censored), or when even citing publicly available scientific information that the vaccinated could both get and transmit Covid-19 could get you permanently banned [see link to what happened to former NYT reporter Alex Berenson]?

As one of the many vaccinated who caught Covid (getting it from my vaxxed and boosted brother) I don't even remotely trust the censors. Follow the first amendment and let those spouting foolishness be exposed via debate. I am absolutely fine with Twitter or other staff involvement in the debate and believe that is where their focus should lay instead of censorship.



The principle is basically that I know I like anyone else may be wrong on any current debate and appreciate the opportunity to discover so - if open debate isn't allowed how do we discover we are mistaken or learn from others. I know you (Tagup) have informed me in the past on this forum when I am in error or not fully informed.

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