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Berschauer increases lead in recall effort

[Updated, 10:12 p.m. March 22]

Embattled county Commissioner Lindsay Berschauer slightly increased her lead in a second round of returns tonight, with counted returns showing 16,940 opposed (52.4 percent) and 15,379 favoring (47.6 percent) the recall of Berschauer. Voter turnout stood at 44.3 percent.

 Berschauer has not yet responded to a request for comment.

Save Yamhill County, the group seeking to recall her, told the News-Register that “while we are disappointed by the results of the early, returns it's impossible for us to be disappointed in the engagement and efforts of the thousands of Yamhill County citizens who stood up against Commissioner Berschauer's corruption, bullying and fiscal irresponsibility.”

The group said it is still watching to see what happens, adding, “We know that the people of Yamhill County care deeply about the direction our county is headed and want to see an end to the political divisiveness. That can only happen when our county leaders listen to, and represent all their constituents faithfully and fairly. That over 40 percent of her constituents see her as failing this test should not be seen as a victory for Commissioner Berschauer.”

It said that “We continue to watch the returns hopefully, but in the meantime we applaud the engagement of the people of Yamhill County, and urge Commissioner Berschauer to take her responsibility to them seriously.”

With more than 4,000 ballots added to counted returns, voting by regions of Yamhill County was little changed. Newberg-Dundee area voters were reported at 56.6 percent against recall, while McMinnville area voters were 60.7 percent in favor of the recall.

Rural areas throughout the county opposed the recall effort by wide margins. And almost every precinct voted either for or against the recall by wide margins. A single precinct -- McMinnville-Sheridan rural -- matched the county average results.

Under Oregon’s new law this year, ballots postmarked by today may arrive up to seven days later, and still be counted. Because the law just went into effect in January, it’s unclear how many votes are likely to come in late.

Voters also have 21 days after the election to cure signature problems, if their ballots were rejected for an unmatching signature. 

Opponents from both sides of the political aisle gathered enough signatures to force a recall vote this winter, declaring that Berschauer was costing the county money, bullying staff and failing to serve her constituents.





Joel R

What would be really cool is if Oregon law required those who demanded the recall foot the bill for it if it fails. That would prevent it from being used as a club to beat your opponent over the head with. It would return it to it's original intent of only being used in rare, extreme and dire circumstances that are so obvious that both sides of the political spectrum strongly support it.


In a county of 74,000 registered voters, 1600 votes away from getting fired mid-term isn't a reason to celebrate.


What, winning isn't a reason to celebrate?


The silent majority strikes again! Proving once again that making the most noise and submitting scathing letters to the NR ad nauseam doesn't ensure victory or support. Thanks for nothing 'Save Yamhill County'. I'd have preferred that you would have 'saved' me from your vitriol and 'saved' the county the expense of that worthless recall election.


I agree with you Joel, but I don't think they should have to pay for engaging in the process. however, it has to end, if they want to recall again they should have to cough up the cost.

Yamhill county is becoming more liberal and it is being led by McMinnville, and its not a good thing.


I agree, Jean. I hope this provides a wake-up call for the Commissioner. It's her job to work on behalf of all of her constituents. We'd get more done if she was more collaborative.

Local Yokel

There are more signs than returned ballots!


Two years ago Lindsay Berschauer received 52.25% of the votes to win a 4 Year Term for Yamhill County Commissioner Position 2. The voter turnout was 46.25% out of 70,943 registered voters. She had 1,382 more votes than her opponents. That was considered a victory and a reason to celebrate. According to this article she has 1,561 more votes than the opponent. That would be considered a better victory and more reason to celebrate. Save Yamhill County was trying to over turn an election that they lost.


"Wake-up call"? Let's hope it's a wake-up call for the radical recall activists infecting this county. You're 0 and 3 by my count. Please stop!


This will not be a wake up call for her. She will be emboldened to push harder for the special interest groups that got her elected.

She will come out of this feeling and acting bullet proof.


The largest part of this entire issue gets lost amongst all the rhetoric. Yamhill County (the organization) has been in a general decline for the last 20 years. IMO, there have been a string of commissioners that have not had their eye on the actual job of being a county commissioner. Apparently, Yamhill County voters are good with this. So, we (the voters) have once again said - we're good with this. So be it. The County is an absolute mess. A recent news report in the N-R stated that the radio system was once again a mess. This will be a multi-million dollar issue - bacause, again, commissioners were not doing their job. There are numerous examples of this, but apparently we voters are ok with this. Personally, I think we could and should do better.

Bill B

Based on the turnout (44%), it seems like apathy remains strong in the county. That said, unless you are attending county meetings or reading the News-Register, you probably don't have enough information to make an informed decision. So @Will, what's your take on all the signs littering the landscape?


"Under Oregon’s new law this year, ballots postmarked by today may arrive up to seven days later, and still be counted. Because the law just went into effect in January, it’s unclear how many votes are likely to come in late".
That would depend on how many votes were needed ain't That Right Libs?

Joel R

Some unsolicited advice for the folks that call themselves "Save Yamhill County":
1. Lose your obsession with Ms Berschauer (it really makes you look petty and childish).
2. Find a good candidate that has a clean past and is of good character
3. Get obsessed with showing the voters how your candidate can help improve their lives
You know, try to win a seat on the board the old fashioned way. You've done it in the past. Center/Right Yamhill County has voted for the likes of Casey Kulla, Mary Stern, Rick Olsen and probably if you go back further, other liberals that I dont know about. If you can make the case that they'll run the county well you can even get a vote from time to time from a conservative like me.


I agree with you Bill B....hard to celebrate either way when more than half the county doesn’t bother to vote.....


Even though this recall most likely will not succeed, it is hard to deny that Yamhill County is becoming more liberal. It’s just a matter of time.


Hi, republican party. Sorry, but please excuse my Russian accent while I try to help you understand where we fear things are heading if you stay on this current path:

"Divisive Democracy Project is proceed now.
Need want Motherland Phase II purification sequence:”

-oligarch lifetime president
-all opposition candidates – jailed / poisoned
-harassment/violence towards BIPOC/LGBTQ/DEMS encouraged and revered
-indoctrinate youth for embrace hate/bigotry
-social program eliminated
-police nationalized
-CIA/FBI merged
-government propaganda TV only
-all media - jailed
-books/movies/TV shows depicting slavery, sex-ed, LGBTQ, POC, non-Christian burned
-all Hollywood - purification camp
-all LGBTQ - purification camp
-all homeless - purification camp
-all abortion - jailed
-all contraception users - purification camp
-all protestors - jailed
-all non-Christian religions - purification camp
-all POC - jailed
-all teachers - purification camp
-gun control just like motherland
-all who disagree....purification camp or jailed

I suppose there are some of you that are nodding your heads in agreement with these statements, but I hope that most of you reject these ideas wholeheartedly. So, let me put this to you all: Hey R’s, is this really what you want Yamhill County to move towards? Because the vibe that Dems are feeling from you doesn’t really seem like many of you are against this....BUT WE CAN’T TELL IF YOU ARE.


Wow, it appears the Marxist philosophy of Blaming the other side for what you are actually doing is alive and well in your post!


IMO, we Yamhill County voters are still pleased with a lack of leadership and a mediocre BOC. There is no partnership with Salem. Whether you agree with Salem or not, the partnerships are critical to the citizens of Yamhill County and good leadership figures out how to establish those partnerships even when you disagree. We have no leadership from a majority of the Board. Unfortunately Berschauer and her well funded campaign of farmers and outside the County interests managed to deflect the real issues and beat the recall. It amazes me how voters can ignore the fact that she clearly violated her oath of office, amongst many other serious issues. Mediocrity will continue and I guess we're collectively ok with that.


You feebs too apathetic/lazy to vote deserve the worst; now you have it.

Jeb Bladine

It appears a reporter picked up the wrong 2020 voter turnout number from the top of those election results tabulations -- not seeing that the 62% involved party turnout in one of the presidential primaries that year. The voter turnout for the county commission election was, as Don notes, 46.25%.

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