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Seven-year-old McMinnville bicyclist struck by pickup

[Updated 2/23 2 p.m.]

A seven-year-old McMinnville boy, riding his bicycle, was struck by a pickup at the intersection of Northwest Adams and Second streets Tuesday afternoon.

The victim was not identified. He was transported by McMinnville Fire Department ambulance to the Willamette Valley Medical Center and transferred by Life Flight helicopter to Legacy Emanuel Medical Center Hospital in Portland. McMinnville Police Capt. Tim Symons said he was in critical but stable condition Wednesday.

McMinnville Police, assisted by the Oregon State Police, gave this account of the incident that was reported about 4:30 p.m.:

The boy, who was wearing a helmet, was riding northbound on Adams in a marked crosswalk when he was struck by a 2017 Ford F150 pickup traveling westbound on Second Street and driven by Kevin W. Chambers, 32, of McMinnville.

An initial summary report from OSP stated that the operator of the pickup "failed to stop at the clearly marked red light, proceeded through the intersection and struck the bicyclist." However, McMinnville police told the News-Register Wednesday afternoon that recently obtained surveillance video shows Chambers did not run a red light. The initial OSP report was based on witness statements, Mac police said.

Chambers was not injured and remained at the scene.

No other information was immediately released. The crash remains under investigation and no citations have been issued.

Any witnesses who have not spoken with the police, or any motorists who might have dash cam video of the incident, are asked to contact Sgt. Josh Sheets or officer Cody Williams at 503-434-7307.

[Editor's Note: This story has been updated from its original version with information from McMinnville Police Department that the driver did not run a red light, as originally reported.] 



Thank you for the update. People jump to conclusions and make an already sad situation much worse.


The intersections at Second and Baker and Second and Adams are horrible, (but not the only places sharing that distinction.) Traffic is backed up constantly. The "right turn lane" at Adams has room for only one vehicle so is basically useless. Who designed these places? And this city is so determined to attract more companies/people/vehicles here? Also, has anyone noticed the increase in graffiti? And what about the number of mentally deranged who spout off obscenities to anyone crossing their path? What about the woman who used to "live" at the 7-Eleven on Third Street--she had relocated from her usual spot on Second and Ford--who routinely pulls down her pants and takes a dump in front of God, pedestrians and traffic? The Emperor has no clothes.


Lulu: I could have sworn this article was about a boy on a bike being hit. Maybe you could spare us your diatribes and just write a letter to editor?

And yes Chris you are right.


There is an explanation, Hibb, surrounding the boy on the bike hit by a car at a specific dangerous intersection. I guess my comment was too subtle for you.


You still don't get it Lulu. The subtlety you mention didn't come from your keyboard, but mine. Your response rambled on and on, often missing the target in this response section. Somehow you went from a dangerous intersection to graffiti to homeless people to exposure... I might consider your response subtle if it were even marginally coherent.


Hibb - Gee, who died and made you the comment monitor?


I don't consider myself to be the "comment monitor" Mudstump... And as for who died, it was a precious seven year old boy.


The article said the young man was in critical/ stable condition.


Yes, you are correct. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea gran culpa....


Does anyone know the details yet? It sounds like the driver didn't run a red light, but did he stop on red, not see the bicyclist and then turn on a red light?

Anybody know how the victim is doing?


Is there an update?

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