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County, most local districts, exceed state graduation rate

About 87% of Yamhill County's public school students graduated in four years, exceeding the state rate of 80.6% for the 2020-21 school year, according to reports released this month by the state Department of Education.

Six of the county's school districts exceeded the state rate, as well. Sheridan fell slightly below, however, with a 79% average.

McMinnville High School led all county schools, and most in the state, with a 92.82% graduation rate for 2020-21. The rate for MHS males was 91.64% and for females it was 94.14%.

The state data also reported schools' graduation rates according to racial and ethnic categories, socio-economic data, and time spent in classes for those with disabilities, English Language Learners, Talented and Gifted programs and career-tech programs.

McMinnville's graduation rate for Hispanic students was very close to the overall average, at 92.74%. Students the state classified as "underserved races" did even better, at 92.96%.

The rate in the "economically disadvantaged" category was 93.22%. For students with disabilities, the rate was 80.6%.

Students who had been in McMinnville ELL programs at any time graduated at an 86.49% rate. But more than 95% of those who had exited ELL programs before high school, demonstrating language fluency, graduated.

The TAG graduation rate also was more than 95%.

About 77.42% of homeless students and 90.48% of migrant students graduated. The rate for the category "combined disadvantaged" was 93.09%.

Students enrolled in Mac High CTE classes had a graduation rate of more than 95%. The school offers about 18 career pathways, including in CTE subjects such as fabrication.  

Overall graduation rates in other Yamhill County districts were:

- Amity, 90.77%

- Dayton, 82.29%

- Newberg, 86.49%

- Sheridan, 78.95%

- Willamina, 84.21%

- Yamhill Carlton, 83.12%




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