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Attempted murder suspect dies in custody

Shane Earl Rader, 46, who was accused of trying to kill his family, was found unresponsive in his cell in the Yamhill County Jail Tuesday evening.

According to the Yamhill County Sheriff's Office, deputies immediately began lifesaving measures, but Rader was pronounced dead at the scene.

He had been in custody since mid-June on multiple charges of attempted aggravated murder and domestic violence. He was arrested after going to a rural Newberg residence and shooting one of his young sons, leaving the boy hospitalized with serious injuries. 

Yamhill County Sheriff Tim Svenson  requested the assistance of the Newberg-Dundee Police Department in investigating the incident.



AGAIN? We aren’t a big enough County for this many people to be successfully killing themselves in our custody. We have responsibility for these people while they are in the County’s care! This is appalling.


It doesn't actually say that he killed himself, but if he did--as opposed to being killed by a staff member or fellow inmate, or having a medical condition ignored--I'm actually okay with that. He's a grown man and he made his choice. His wife and children are safe now and they're the ones we should be worried about. I hope they get the help they need to put all this tragedy behind them and move on.


Well said bonnybedlam


I agree with you bonnybedlam 100%

Paul Daquilante

bonnybedlam and others . . .

Manner of death was suicide, confirmed by the Yamhill County Sheriff's Office.

Cause of death was not reported by YCSO.

Paul Daquilante/reporter


I don’t know....this incident still creates a lot of does suicide happen when an inmate is supposedly under supervision...??
I’m not concerned about this guy, but there certainly could be other people that could be in mental crisis that would have similar impulses that need to be considered ....I think there is an explanation owed to the taxpayers....

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