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Shot fired in Albertson's parking lot

McMinnville police responded about 5:30 p.m. Wednesday to a report of a single gunshot being fired in the Albertson's parking lot, 615 S.W. Keck Drive.

Units arrived and were unable to locate a suspect and/or a vehicle matching the description provided by a caller to the Yamhill Communications Agency 911 dispatch center, according to Capt. Rhonda Jaasko.

A possible suspect vehicle was stopped in Amity, but it was determined to be unrelated to the call, she said.

The incident remains under investigation.



This is why I carry.


I don't see how some guy winging shots around the parking lot would have helped. Odds are it would merely have encouraged some other concealed carry guy to join in. Pretty soon we might have had shots pinging around in all diretions, endangering many lives, including those of responding police having no idea how to distinguish the bad guy(s) from the good guy(s).
Personally I'd feel a lot safer if you left your gun at home and left the policing to trained professionals.



sbagwell...Rotwang did not say he would be in the parking lot "winging shots around". He just said "This is why I carry". If someone has a gun and decides to shoot at someone else that has and carries a gun legally....that someone (the carrier) has the right to defend themselves or anyone else around them by shooting the bad guy before the bad guy shoots them. I would venture to guess that the "gun shot" that was heard in the Albertson's parking lot was a car back firing. There are a lot of those type cars in town lately. If not, and it was an actual gun going off in public, that is just a scary situation and I hope it was accidental and that person learned from it.


Thank you. Sbag does seem to have some canned responses.


Rotw. You imply the reason you carry is directly related to some goof ball firing rounds in Albertson's parking lot, so you with your firearm could protect yourself and others. That is what Sbag was commenting on. Don't be coy about it. As someone who carried a Glock 23 I know about the training involved when you have deadly force just a finger pull away. I assume Rotw, you have similar training in your carrying of deadly force. Being able to kill someone up close or at a distance with a bullet involves responsibility for that power.


sbagwell makes a good point and as far as him having a "canned response" I think it is much more productive than the "cannon response" you are proposing Rotwang.


I didn't imply anything. I said what I said.

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