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Sheridan Mayor Harry Cooley resigns

Harry Cooley
Harry Cooley

Harry Cooley, appointed Sheridan Mayor in January 2014 after Val Adamson resigned, announced his resignation, effective Friday, April 30, at Monday night's city council meeting.

Cooley is moving out of the city, will relocate in a rural part of the community, and as a result, can no longer serve as an elected official.

He is running for a Sheridan Fire District Board position next month.

Following his appointment more than seven years ago, Cooley was elected mayor in November 2014 and in November 2018, running unopposed each time.

With 20 months remaining in the term, the council will decide when it meets at 7 p.m. Monday, May 4 at the Monroe Event Center how it wants to fill the vacancy.

There is a strong possibility that Council President Aaron Baer will be Cooley's successor. The Council President fills in for the mayor in any absence. However, the council may choose from several options when it comes to filling the current vacancy.

City Manager Frank Sheridan said he will greatly miss Cooley's presence as the mayor.

"He's been around the community for a lifetime. He's been active on the school board, the fire district board and in scouts. He has a feel for what people want in a community, and an appreciation for things like water and sewer, and how they impact all of us. He's adjusted to change. He knows this city. It's different than it was 40 years ago, and he has adjusted to changes.

Cooley is the third Yamhill Valley mayor to leave office in the last six months. Willamina's Ila Skyberg did not run for re-election last November. Bob Burr was elected to the position. In Amity, incumbent Michael Cape did not run in November, and Joshua Clark was elected. However, he left office after two months, citing health reasons. Council President Ryan Lehman was appointed his successor. Cooley's resignation marks the third mayoral departure.

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