Letters to the editor: April 9, 2021

Railroad job

So, according to your April 2 account of the Yamhill County Board of Commissioners’ meeting, a 2-to-1 majority of the three-member board decided to create a “gun sanctuary” in Yamhill County.

It was supported by more than a thousand gun enthusiasts, who don’t even live in this county. They were encouraged by the brother of one of the commissioners, who heads up Oregon Firearms Federation, to e-mail letters of support.

The board of commissioners meets online these days due to COVID-19. There is little opportunity for public comment, though people can send e­-mails and letters.

The sheriff and district attorney made suggestions to make the proposal safer and clearer by removing some provisions. But they were unable to attend the most recent meeting, and without them being able to defend their concerns, those provisions were left in the approved version.

This whole thing sounds like a railroad job to me.

A matter of this importance deserves great and thoughtful discussion by the people who will be affected by it. The health, safety and lives of county residents may be at stake.

The county commissioners are responsible to us, the county residents, not people who live outside the county.

Please let them know how you feel about this issue. They may be reached by e-mail at bocinfo@yamhill.or.us or mail at 535 NE Fifth St., McMinnville, OR 97128.

Margaret Shields



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