Tom Boyer 1957 - 2021

If the measure of a life well lived is loving well, Tom Boyer nailed it.

Born and raised in McMinnville, Oregon, Tom Boyer, 64, spent his life farming his family’s land and cultivating community with his beloved wife of 30 years, Barbara. He left behind the legacy of a community deeply rooted in love and service to one another when he passed away, following his year-long battle with cancer.
Despite his suffering, Boyer lived into the words of the French Renaissance writer, doctor and humanist Francois Rabelais: “For all your ills I give you laughter.”
Making people laugh was one of the things Tom did best. For a man of few words, Boyer is adored and remembered for his wry humor, quick wit and endless supply of “Tom-isms.”

“It’s not all about you, buddy,” he’d say with his trademark twinkle in his eyes. If you didn’t really want to know what he thought about a thing, it was best not to ask because Tom could be counted on for two things: the truth and showing up.

Tom Boyer was all about his people and showing up for them. Whether it was to lend a hand with a project or to celebrate a milestone, you could count on Tom to show up. He knew how to hustle through harvest to get hay in the barn before the rains came, but he also knew when to put on his party hat and dance. As hard as he worked on the farm, he only worked a few Sundays in his entire career. And even then it was because he was helping someone else. He knew when it was time to swap work boots for his signature shorts and flip-flops.

Tom loved traveling with his wife and friends. He especially loved his “windshield” time with Barbara, AKA road trips to Mexico, hay deliveries and camping. He loved being in nature, sharing meals and stories with friends and laughing by the bonfire.

Creative and resourceful, everything was an adventure with Tom Boyer, whether it was scouting for the best bargain on something or delighting his family and friends at the annual campout hosted on the farm, a tradition he and Barbara took over for his late brother Bob. From hauling a carnival slide down by the camp kitchen, or making sure the fire was going no matter the time, Tom gave his heart to make sure people felt at home and welcome at his farm, because everyone was.

Boyer was preceded in death by his mother, Inez Runner Boyer; father, Theodore John Boyer; and brother, Bob Boyer. He is survived by his wife, Barbara; son, Theodore John Boyer II; granddaughters, Josi and Zsa Zsa; sister, Mary Lou Hughes; and brother, Bill Boyer, all from McMinnville; niece, Carly Boyer; and nephew, Mitchell Boyer of Eugene; as well as his community of beloved friends.

Holding a celebration at a later date will allow us to hold hands, hug and have large belly laughs safely.

A lover of all things with feathers, donations may be made to the Audubon Society of Portland To leave online condolences, please visit


Nathalie Hardy

Love you forever, Tommy! Thank you for all the memories, moments, laughs and lessons.

Rich B

There's a little less joy on earth today; there's a lot more joy in the stars now. Thanks for everything Tom.


A few years ago we spent a wonderful summer evening with the Boyers. Sipping some Pinot and sampling the lovely fare at their tableside throughout the evening. It was getting late, but Tom said "you know, we have the perfect site here to hold a music festival. There's a section of our land that borders the river that would great for a concert. It's bowl-shaped...just like an amphitheater. Wanna go take a look?" And with that we all went outside and climbed on his tractor for a ride by the light of the moon to go see the "concert venue". He was right. It was a perfect site. I can picture Tom sitting on the hillside with a beverage enjoying the music right now. Sending much love to the Boyers. We miss him terribly.

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