Letters to the editor: Dec. 4, 2020

Swamp creatures

Joe Biden will most assuredly be our next president. His latest quote is, “Now is the time to unite America.”

After four years of unrelenting bias and downright lying to the American people about Trump, the corrupt Joe Biden, who everyone loves, says now that he’s president, it’s time to unite.

There are more than 70 million people who did not vote for him in a questionable election. They will not be convinced by Biden or Harris or any other radical.
How can anyone expect to be led out of the swamp by the swamp creatures?

Dennis Carmody


Slavering sycophants

A “statesman” is defined as a senior politician who is respected for integrity and impartial concern for the public good. It’s also, apparently, nearly an extinct being.

I despair when listening to reports of public officials declaring privately their deep distress and disgust at Donald Trump’s antics while continuing to declare their public support for him. It is stomach-turning when they admit that concern for their own political futures motivates this hypocrisy.

One of the most important qualities brought to any job is the courage to tell truth to power — to tell one’s bosses what they need to know even when they don’t want to hear it. It is equally essential to tell one’s constituents the facts they need to know, even when they resist because they have been led to believe otherwise.

Democracy is not elected officials telling voters only what will please them. Democracy will not thrive when leaders fail to help their constituents understand hard truths, tough decisions and inconvenient facts.

I am sick of politicians placing moist fingers in the air to detect the wind direction before committing to a public position. It is even more disheartening when they acknowledge knowing what is true and right, but say “ditto” anyway.

These cowards put their political fortunes ahead of their duty to country and Constitution. Their craven deceit disrespects not only their offices but every voter who put them there. The very existence of our republic hangs in the balance. The faith of Americans in our democratic practices and principles has kept America the envy of nations for generations.

If we do not find statesmen who will protect and preserve our precious democracy, we doom ourselves forever to being “governed” by a series of cult leaders and their slavering sycophants.

Erma Vasquez



How disappointing to read the article, “A Dream Lost in Litigation,” regarding a pair of entrepreneurs having their efforts to build a flour mill and bakery stymied by an individual who lives more than 20 miles away. 

What could be more mean-spirited than denying someone’s ability to achieve their dream, especially after gaining the approval of the various agencies and other groups involved in the process. Obviously, Mr. Boutard has some personal ax to grind in preventing Stoller and Yoffie from moving forward. 

Boutard’s animus toward the project is puzzling. Apparently he is OK with farmers building large straw barns all over the valley floor, with all the accompanying truck traffic they bring several times a year, but not with baking bread from grain grown on site.

Boutard should realize what goes around comes around. His mean-spirited attitude is indicative of what’s wrong with much of the world today.

Steve Sommerfeld



Fog no excuse

I was on my morning walk at 7 a.m. last Friday when I saw a young dead deer lying on the sidewalk on Wallace Road, near its intersection with Cypress. I saw pieces of glass, a car light and broken plastic not far away, so I assume it was hit by a car.

It was a foggy morning, but it’s also a 25 mph speed zone.

Sadly, few people go that slow through this area. I would ask people to slow down through the neighborhoods around here, especially near the green space where deer and wildlife walk through often.

Pay attention, please!

Karen Milton



Pass the popcorn

Are we having fun yet?

Let’s consider that there is nothing new, that even novels are a re-hash of ancient arcs. Take the 1932 election, which came at the height of the Depression.

Hoover, the Republican, wanted a second term. Roosevelt, the Democrat, was challenging him. And they did not get along.

Hoover was a braggadocio, a bully. When Roosevelt won, Hoover — get this — refused to concede! He even passed bills and did other things to mess up Roosevelt’s swearing-in. To top if off, he threatened to run again in four years.

I’m confused? Is this about Hoover or Trump?

The 20th Amendment was passed immediately after, to deal with a sitting president who would not cede to his successor. It passed on January 23, 1933.

The Succession Act, saved for a different occasion, such as a president’s death, was passed on July 18, 1947. Another difference is it that it’s an act, not an amendment to the Constitution.

Also out of that election came this: There was a catastrophic flood in the South and many Blacks died as a result. Hoover stood by and did nothing.

People wonder why Blacks vote Democratic. Blacks switched to the Democratic ticket and never looked back.

And the media? Side-splitting entertainment, right?

This year, the right-leaning media dissed Harris for a so-called affair with a married man 20 years ago. They made her out to be a slut.

They left out the part (thanks, Snopes) that the man had been estranged from his wife for more than a decade, and that wifey was once quoted as saying that if he was elected governor, Harris would become “First B----.”

Pass the popcorn and Milk Duds please.

Sheila Hunter



Long hours, no gripes

I’d like to respond to Sandra Ponto’s Nov. 20 letter, “Gobs of gripes.” 

Sandra said she was tired of hearing teachers complain about their jobs. As an example, she cited having to grade papers at home after leaving for the day.

“I think they should be in school from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day,” she said. “That way, they can grade papers at their desks and not at home.” However, there’s always something to interrupt you when you’re in the building.

She went on to say, “They would still be making more money per hour working 8-5 every day than the average non-teacher.” Hmmm.

Sandra Ponto might be happy when “this country makes students go year-round,” even though “the teachers will whine for sure.” Maybe she should ask district administrators how that works.

I worked for a couple big companies, as well as going to college at night for 20-plus years.

I made the decision to teach art in the public schools and am now a retired middle school art teacher. I taught for 17 wonderful years.

Teaching was most rewarding, in as much as seeing the students work so hard and seeing their faces when they succeeded. Some did only average work, but I encouraged them to try a little harder and they did better. 

My job would mostly demand I start my day around 7 a.m. and leave about 6 p.m. I noticed that a few other teachers put in late hours as well.

We had no gripes about getting our work done those days. We knew we had to be ready for the next day.

We signed set wage and hourly contracts in May for the next year.

Getting the next “2 1/2 months off,” as Ponto put it, was great. I got to reset my classroom, get new lesson plans written, have ceramic ovens and potter’s wheels deep-cleaned, get the photo darkroom ship shape and set up my other art supplies and equipment for September classes.

All that and more had to be ready. Only then could I get work done around our home and maybe take a nice vacation before going back to work at the school.

I thought that I would share my career as a classroom teacher to let everyone know that there are a lot of us who really love to teach.

 Bill Wild



Stop the lockdowns

When fear grips us, we unquestionably accept all laws and rules. We need look no further than this pandemic and recurring acts of terrorism.

SARS, Ebola and so forth are more deadly than COVID, but did not require the lockdown and economic depression we are being subjected to. We survived them.

Many suspicions arise when you read of Li Meng Yan, a Chinese virologist whistleblower relating that the SARS/COVID genome suggests sophisticated laboratory modification, as it defies normal evolution.

Dr. Joseph Mercola, a natural healing practitioner and author, warns of coming bioterrorism attacks. What knowledge does he have and how did he acquire it?

Because of their concern for the citizens, many doctors attended a meeting in Massachusetts where they embraced the Great Barrington Declaration. It advocates relying on herd immunity, not lockdowns.

Why isn’t this terrorism being stopped? Why aren’t the responsible officials being held accountable? Why are we allowing the restrictions and lockdowns?

Fear should be set aside and these questions should be answered. It is our right and duty to get answers.

It is our nation, a government of the people. We pay all the bills.

We have no time to waste in restoring law and order, accountability, peace and harmony. Hosea 4:6 says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

Mary Novak




Where is the other letters?


Lee, it’s “Where ARE the other letters?” I suspect we’ll find the other letters when we find the evidence of the overwhelming voter fraud Trump keeps falsely claiming.


Ms Novak,
The numbers tell the story
Ebola 28,652 cases worldwide 11,325 deaths.
SARS 8,098 cases 774 deaths.
Covid 19 ( so far ) 14,973,000 cases (US only) 287,785 deaths .
Most reputable experts agree that relying only on “ herd immunity “ with Covid -19 would result in millions more deaths worldwide...are you ok with that?


It is disturbing to read the letter asserting that our last election was “questionable.” As we have all watched case after case (close to 50 now) fail in the courts – including the Supreme Court – due to a glaring lack of evidence, what is it that continues to convince millions of my fellow Americans that Trump’s ruthless intention to overthrow a free and fair election is worthy of support? The Trump faithful are so enraged by his baseless desperate claims of fraud that they have turned up at the homes of election officials with guns. (The intimidation tactics are not limited to the officials, their children are terrorized too.) Trump’s lawyers have suggested shootings and/or beheadings and one even proposed that it is time for martial law. I suppose some call this (blind) loyalty, I call it treason. Overthrowing elections is what tin-pot dictators do, it is what they command their followers to help them do. If the coup succeeds it would be the kiss of death for our democratic republic.

In the same letter the writer accuses our new President-elect of being “corrupt” and mocks him for the idea he wants to try to unify our dangerously divided nation. In light of the massive corruption and purposeful division we have endured for the past four long miserable years, could we give the man a chance before condemning him? Joe was not my first choice but I have hope that he will govern with decency and compassion Who knows, perhaps he will even be able to manage the chaos he inherits and get our economy back on track? And pay serious attention to national security? And restore our reputation on the world stage? (None of that seems radical to me.)

Millions of us can hardly wait for January 20th at noon.


Great points Treefarmer.


LOL, so much projection going on. The Russia Collusion Hoax - that was what a soft coup attempt looks like. I wouldn't worry too much about Biden - an extremely biased media and BIG-TECH will do what they can to cover for Joe Biden as they did with Hunter's laptop revelations prior to the election. Unless of course the DNC decides to go in another direction - then its party press will go into action.

The funny thing about the laptop was I actually saw Leslie Stahl, a supposed reporter, say "it can't be verified" referring to the laptop, when we already knew there was a signed receipt, external corroboration of the emails, and LOL - Hunter's lawyer wanted it back. Since when does a journalist use the word "can't" in such manner? That was right after she dismissed the president talking about spying on his 2016 campaign when there are, you know, signed warrants. Goodness.



If an investigation is what a “soft-coup” looks like.....what would you call an attempt to invalidate millions of votes without evidence and overturn the will of the people to stay in power?....


Have you forgotten the numerous 2016 recounts and even talk of electors picking another Republican besides Trump? Please note I didn't vote for Trump in 2016 but was fascinated by histrionics.

I'm not sure I'd call the Russia Collusion Hoax 'investigation' an actual investigation now that we know from John Brennen's 2016 notes Hillary Clinton likely approved a proposal from a foreign policy adviser "to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by the Russian security services." You can see his hand-written notes for yourself in the linked story.

If we had an honest media someone would ask if Joe Biden's NSA pick Jake Sullivan, who worked for Hillary in 2016, was that foreign policy advisor. Don't worry - we don't have an honest media so he won't be asked that question. In fact, what's the over/under Joe Biden ever actually gets a real question with a tough follow-up? What I've seen so far from the press is a shocking embarrassment. The new Pravda.



Not sure that answered my question.....



I just watched a report on Georgia Representative Bee Nguyen who was alarmed to see names of her constituents in a Trump court filing accusing these folks of fraudulent voting. She went to work, researched the issue, contacted the people on the list and discovered they were legitimate Georgia voters. Needless to say these voters (who had NEVER been contacted to verify the false info) were upset to be accused of felonies and used in this way. Representative Nguyen went public with the truth and she is now getting death threats from dangerously deluded Trump “loyalists.” Shame on Trump and his spineless enablers, shame on the brainwashed vigilantes who are terrorizing their fellow citizens, and shame on those who refuse to educate themselves about the TRUTH. What will it take to stop this insanity? (A rhetorical question as this seditious anti-American grift is so profitable (tens of millions contributed to support Trump’s lavish lifestyle) it may NEVER end.

Hi Rob – I see you are still convinced the Russia investigation was a hoax. I thought you said you had read the Mueller report? While it is true that no collusion was proven, Trump was guilty as hell for massive obstruction of justice (well documented in the report) and has gone to extremes to silence the players (Stone, Flynn, et al) with the abusive use of his pardon power. As a result, we will likely never know the truth, but may I respectfully suggest that you look beyond your Fox and Federalist sources for additional analysis?

And p.s. I acknowledge that Hunter Biden’s tax troubles are of little concern to me. I hope they ferret out the facts and call him to account but I regard this as little more than a cynical distraction. How ironic that the Trump children and spouses don’t get this level of scrutiny.


Tagup - Recounts and court challenges are nothing unusual anymore with a close election - they happened in 2016 and 2000. We have courts for those.

treefarmer - a lot more has been publicly released since the 'Mueller' report compiled by Weismann and team. There were several inaccuracies in the report (e.g. truncated quotes, not including Page was a CIA asset, not including Manafort contact was a state department asset). Fox and Federalist are fine sources - I noticed that you often criticize sources without addressing what was actually reported. They have both shined far brighter than most other news outlets these past four years.

Of all the horrible reporting of Trump, and we can pick from a laundry list or stories, by far the worst wasn't a Russia Hoax story but the NYT 'anonymous' sham. Its one thing to not report something. Its another thing to only print part of the story. We saw that countless times in an effort to make Trump look bad. However, by insinuating that 'anonymous', a 30 year old staffer, was a cabinet member the NYT purposely lied to the American people in order to smear Trump. That was arguably the lowest point for the 'paper of record' since Walter Duranty.



Recounts and challenges are definitely not unusual, but this traitorous campaign to attack and overthrow a free and fair election is nothing more than Trump’s naked attempt to dismantle democracy and declare himself king. He has desecrated the Constitution but thank God that he hasn’t managed to destroy the rule of law. The guardrails have been weakened but they are holding.

When you mention “….horrible reporting of Trump…..” Rob, I wonder if you know how many of us form our opinions from what we see with our own eyes and hear with our own ears? It requires no effort on any front to “make” Trump look bad. The actual real-time video, for the most part, perfectly illustrates what and who he is. The reporting is extraneous. Fox and Newsmax and Breitbart (and several others) do try to convince us we shouldn’t believe our own eyes and ears; they lie and spin - but because their mendacity earns them power and big money, that will remain their bottom line. And as long as good people choose to accept the crap as gospel, they will continue spewing it. Yes indeed – I AM critical of those perverted news sources. In my opinion they are a metastasizing cancer on America’s soul. In your opinion they align with your beliefs and “shine bright.” Shall we agree to disagree and leave it there?


Treefarmer - I should clarify. While I post stories from those sites, a lot of my information actually comes from podcasts and news shows unrelated to Fox, Federalist, Breitbart etc. I just scanned the articles I posted to confirmed they had relevant information to inform about my topic - I didn't read in depth and they weren't necessarily where I learned about the subject matter. A lot of the news sites you probably use oft ignore these stories - a form 'selection bias'.

Most of the TV news and what we see in print doesn't go into enough depth to be of use other than a quick reference. My biggest beef with how partisan our news has become is that we depend upon them to keep our government in check. However, if they pick a party, and then that party obtains one-party-rule (e.g. Georgia senate races) over us, there may be no real check on our government as the 4th estate is merely the mouthpiece of those in power (e.g. Pravda).


Actually Rob, I thought I had mentioned previously that I make it a point to sample news from a variety of venues. I feel it is essential to at least attempt to evaluate the agenda and credibility of reporting from many sources, even though recognizing intentional false and misleading information is not healthy for one’s blood pressure. For example, my Sunday morning recordings include Chris Wallace, Howard Kurtz, Jake tapper, and Fareed Zacharia. I find value in Brian Stelter’s “Reliable Sources” broadcast. I try to read something from “The Guardian” regularly but as with the NYT, I filter print through a lens of skepticism. I am not able to stomach the likes of Hannity and Carlson. I know they influence lots of people but I find their “reporting” to be not more than lies and flame throwing to increase their ratings. Life is too short to waste on such extreme bull****. Further, there probably is good information contained in some podcasts but those sources are not on my radar to date.

I respect differences of opinion but since truth and facts have become optional, it is difficult to take seriously a point of view that is not reality-based. A few years ago I heard an inspirational speech at Linfield College that put some perspective on the problem. Let’s say we want to find common ground about painting something. How can we come to a compromise on the colors if we are not first able to agree on what it is that needs to be painted? Sadly that appears to be the root of the problem and given the current climate of hateful divisiveness, folks have taken up arms to defend their irrational anti-American positions. They cannot be reasoned with because they reject reality. As much as I am holding out hope for a return to sanity and decency next month, I fear there is a form of civil war in our future. If only we could agree as to whether we are painting a barn or an Easter egg!

Stay safe.


One of my favorites is the John Batchelor show. He has a wide variety of guests including historians etc. One of my favorites was a Russian history professor since passed. He was a classic liberal and saw right away what he called "Russiagate" was doing to relations. Their weekly discussions became a book (see below). Now that we're clearly in a new Cold War and Trump-Russia Collusion debunked, his viewpoint is vindicated.

Reminiscence of the first Cold War, we just had a missile scare at Ramstein Air Base in Germany (2nd link). This is why I loathe the end of the INF treaty - with the SLBMs Russia tested there was about 30 minutes to resolve the scare - with INF class missiles only five - a lot more can go wrong and accidents can happen. Something similar to the 'War Games' movie actually happened once (a technician loaded a simulation file into the main computer) - now presume five vs. thirty minutes to resolve issue before acting.


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