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County sees big jump in COVID-19 cases

[Update Monday 10 a.m.]

Yamhill County Health reported 86 new cases on Monday, its first report since Friday.


Editor's Note: OHA on Sunday reported an additional 22 COVID-19 cases in Yamhill County, among 874 cases reported statewide.

There were 45 new cases of COVID-19 in Yamhill County reported on Saturday according to the Oregon Health Authority -- a massive jump from the 10 to 13 cases per day the county has been seeing, and nearly double it's record number of 24 in one day, reported on Oct. 23.

The increase brings the county to 1,148 cases of the disease. There have been 15 deaths in the county. 

It came on a day the state also saw yet another record-setting day, with 988 new cases. The state's previous one-day record was 805, reported on Nov. 5. 

Cases of the novel coronavirus have been spiking in Oregon, and on Friday, Governor Kate Brown announced a two-week "pause" in social gatherings for five counties, in an effort to keep the disease from spiraling out of control. Brown warned that more restrictions may follow, if transmission rates continue to increase. Yamhill County was not one of the five counties, but neighboring Marion County is, and Washington County to the north is on the watch list of counties that may be added in coming days.

Yamhill County Public Health does not update its COVID-19 count on the weekends.



knowing that there are 45 cases in a day and what the governor is doing is half of the story, the half I can get through the states daily reports. As the source for local news, can you tell us where those cases are occuring?


It would be interesting to know if the increase in cases is linked to a work place outbreak or just community spread.
After reading two recent letters to the editor, it appears not all local event centers are adhering to the mask mandate. That is really disappointing & if determined to be true, they should be fined.
I know their are still a large group of people who aren’t convinced the virus actually exists. Until we can work together to combat Covid 19 & put our contrasting opinions aside, we are all going to be dealing with this for a very long time.
Contrary to our President believing we are rounding a corner in the appears that corner is on a very large hill.

Nicole Montesano

Anon., I won't be able to get the local details until Monday; the county doesn't update over the weekend. You can see what they provide on their website, if you want information current through Friday, at
What I can tell you is that so far, a large chunk of the cases have been in the McMinnville zip code, which makes some sense, as it is the largest city in the county.
Maddiesdaddy, according to the state, although there are workplace outbreaks, the majority is being spread through smaller get-togethers among family and friends.

Nicole Montesano

As of Friday, when we had 1,103 cases, 562 were in the McMinnville zip code. However, there are cases throughout the county.
According to the state, the county saw another 22 cases today. I will provide a story on Monday with more details, once I'm able to get the information.

Bill B

The County Public Health Director refuses to identify the location of outbreaks more narrow than zipcode citing privacy concerns. Unless one is naming names or residence addresses, how is that a privacy issue. The public deserves to know if there are places that should be avoided. I sure would want to know if a local grocery store had a breakout, wouldn't you. Ms Manfrin needs to be called on the carpet!


Commissioner Starrett does not wear a mask in the County Commissioner meetings. This shows a lack of respect for her coworkers and the public. She has the opportunity to demonstrate leadership in our efforts to stop the spread of COVID. She instead chooses to complain about Governor Brown’s efforts while refusing to do the simplest thing to stop the virus.


Bill B. the Oregon Health Authority is responsible for releasing information about workplace outbreaks. I would recommend you review this press release for those details:

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