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McMinnville vehicle break-ins reported; car stolen

Multiple vehicles were broken into earlier this week in the area of the high school, according to McMinnville police.

The break-ins took place Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning. Police said they believe the suspect(s) were in the area for several hours, between midnight and 5 a.m.

A vehicle was also stolen from a driveway in the 600 block of Northeast Ninth Street. The 2018 Royota RAV4 was described as dark blue with Oregon license plate 765KQR. Anyone seeing this vehicle should call 911.

If you believe your vehicle was entered and/or you have items missing from your vehicle contact the police immediately at 503-434-7307.

Police are interested in obtaining video surveillance from anyone living in the area of the high school and on Ninth Street. This would include footage of suspicious activity and/or persons. Contact Sgt Josh Sheets at 503-435-5612 with video surveillance information.

Car owners can take steps to protect their vehicle. Lock doors and close windows, don't leave your car running, park in well-lit areas, hide any valuables and invest in an anti-theft system if possible. 



This is the kind of behavior we can expect from adolescent delinquents and meth-heads, as neither have a healthy respect for their neighbors, especially when they are just passing through the neighborhood. Obviously we need more patrols at night checking the surface streets in addition to cruising up and down 99W, as well as a diligent neighborhood watch that can report when things are just not right or suspicious and then the MPD can properly investigate and maybe even stop another despicable episode like the one mentioned in the article, before it becomes a chargeable offense. We need to support our local LEOs and by extension be their eyes and ears on the quiet streets we long to live on.

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