Vote Chris Chenoweth, McMinnville City Council Ward 1

Chris Chenoweth is not a politician.

However, he is an ethical business owner. He is a loving husband. He is a role-model of a father. He is a good friend. He is a successful problem solver. I believe that Chris would be a positive addition to the McMinnville City Council.

Chris has sound judgment and personal ethics beyond reproach. He asks questions and analyzes situations before offering advice. Chris listens. He is respectful of other’s opinions and gives them great weight before he makes up his mind.

He has led an exemplary life both publicly and privately. He is free of scandal and is exactly the kind of person that can assist in a leadership position for the city.

As a retired judge who worked closely with the city council, I am certain that Chris’ ethics, and hard work are needed. I know for a fact that his hard work and desire to make McMinnville excel, and a better place to live, is exactly what The City needs!

Vote for Chris!

Paid for and submitted by Kevin Kinney, Laguna Niguel, California.

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