Rusty Rae photos##Linfield University senior Hannah Waterman, with the megaphone, helped organize Thursday s sexual violence protest.
Rusty Rae photos##Linfield University senior Hannah Waterman, with the megaphone, helped organize Thursday's sexual violence protest.
Linfield professor Jeremy Weisz, who has taught 10 years at the university, joined the protest.
Linfield professor Jeremy Weisz, who has taught 10 years at the university, joined the protest.
Sign-carrying protestors made their presence felt at Linfield.
Sign-carrying protestors made their presence felt at Linfield.
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Protest against sexual violence at Linfield University draws scores of students, faculty

More than 100 people, mostly Linfield University students who were strongly supported by faculty members and others, staged a sexual violence protest Thursday on Highway 99W in front of the Oak Grove.

The protest stretched from the area of where the highway and Southwest Fellows Street intersect north to past Edmunston Street. Participants wore masks and occupied space on both sides of the highway.

"Dennis Marks (head of Linfield Public Safety and Security) was adamant that face maks be worn," said McKenna Musser, one of the event organizers. "One of the most important things was the safety of students and everyone else."

It was difficult to practice social distancing because the goal was not to occupy space on Linfield property. Protesters mostly stood on the sidewalk on either side of the highway.

Linfield seniors Hannah Waterman and Musser, in addititon to Miriam Peterson, who did not attend Linfield but whose father, Jeff, is a sociology professor at the university, organized the rally over the way Linfield has handled sexual assault-related issues of late.

In an email to Linfield faculty Jeff Peterson wrote:

“In May 2020  the faculty members of Linfield overwhelmingly voted ‘no confidence’  in the leadership of David Baca as Chair of the Board of Trustees, and on June 26, 2020, the Board sent a message expressing confidence in ‘the character, the passion and the leadership’ of Baca, rejecting the no confidence vote. In the meantime, as many of you know, Linfield students and Linfield survivors of either sexual harassment or assault have been mobilizing in support of the faculty vote, and of Baca’s removal.”

His daughter graduated from McMinnville High School and Pace University in New York City.

Protestors displayed signs and Waterman led several chants, both of which targeted Baca and his removal  from the board.

The protested lasted about two hours.

Linfield issued this statement related to the protest:

"Linfield University supports its students right to peacefully assemble and exercise their freedom of speech. From what we understand, Thursday's demonstration was peaceful and well-organized. This speaks volumes about the Linfield community, even when it disagrees."

See Tuesday’s print edition for additional coverage.



It's scary to be a man in today's society men can be accused of something from 20 years ago and have immediate consequences. I fear for the young men trying to make their way through life having to watch every word they say. Absolutely if a man is vulgar, disrespectful, crude or degrading they should be disciplined but if it's good for men then women should come under the same scrutiny. Most men have had things said to them by women that can be construed as sexual harassment and equality dictates they be treated the same. I'm curious to see if real equality is what everyone wants.


Pedro, if so many men weren't raised to be so toxic, they would have nothing to worry about. I hope that if you have sons, you raise them to be better than men have been raised in the past.


I commend these students for speaking out, organizing, and bringing attention to this matter. I find the board’s decision puzzling in light of the no confidence vote. I hope Linfield will do more to address this matter and respect those who have been affected.


It’s really simple.
Keep your hands and you mouth to yourself, then you won’t be accuse of sexual harassment, even 20 years from now.
If you are harassed, get over your shame and report it.
Support those who do and don’t report it.


Pedro: Every person should be accountable for what they say. Granted that things can be taken out of context, but given the age in which we live it is better to err on the side of the accuser(s) than to back a potential sexual predator.

jduval90: Many 'males' have been raised properly and while many have offended others either through an act of omission or commission. To randomly discredit males and their raising is not productive or relevant to the discussion at hand. I'm a 'boomer' and like me there are many 'boomers' that behave themselves appropriately. Please avoid labeling and rather seek to educate others in a manner dictated by the times we live in. The 'great reawakening' of all of us is a process, so please be patient.

vegtrian: Spot on! Thank you for saying what Linfield has so far failed to say and do: PROTECT THE STUDENT BODY AT LINFIELD!

aim: Why is it so difficult to grasp this concept? Why do we fail to understand? A lot of our problems lie in an inability to effectually speek to the masses and this is due in part to our schools teaching a heavy course of relativism, with a side of neo-modernism, and for dessert a heated, thick slice of denial of absolutisms pie with entitlement french vanilla ice creme on the side....

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