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Letter to Readers: Newberg, Dundee, we want to be your newspaper, too

Starting with today s issue, The News-Register s front page flag denotes itself as  Yamhill County s  newspaper.
Starting with today's issue, The News-Register's front page flag denotes itself as "Yamhill County's" newspaper.

The News-Register’s coverage area has remained the same for generations: Yamhill County. But how closely certain cities are reported on has varied, often in accordance with the presence of other local news media. 

For instance, since the Sheridan Sun closed its doors for good, we have spent more reporting time there as we became its only newspaper available (not counting Smoke Signals of Grand Ronde). 

In recent years, our staff and management has often discussed the idea of expanding our coverage of Newberg and Dundee. There’s been plenty of encouragement from residents in those communities to do exactly that, as they became frustrated with the Metro-centric ownership of the Newberg Graphic — of the Pamplin Media Group.

Those feelings have only increased as the Graphic’s weekly print edition was recently folded into papers from Canby, Molalla and Woodburn, a move made by Pamplin Media in response to decreased revenue after the COVID-19 outbreak. 

We have been resistant to making much of a foray into the Chehalem Valley because we lacked the resources to hire a reporter to cover the area full time. Yes, we often have stories about Newberg and Dundee, especially when it comes to cultural features and our specialty publications. But we didn’t want to make a major push for subscribers and advertisers without supplying consistent news reporting.

Well, times have changed, and we’re ready to ask locally-focused residents of Newberg and Dundee to put the cart before the horse. We can’t promise total coverage right away. But the more subscribers we add from the area, the more advertisements we can sell; leading to resources that will allow us to hire a full-time Newberg reporter.

What we can promise is full coverage of Yamhill County government and an increase in communications with the government and business leaders of the Chehalem Valley. 

We also changed our Page 1 flag, starting today. Many moons ago, we began printing each issue headlined by the moniker “Yamhill Valley News-Register.” This was, for the most part, a marketing move as our company began promoting more tourism-centric publications. While the Yamhill Valley is not a federally recognized area, there are myriad cultural and historical references associated with the name, and we thought it was a great way to promote the unique properties of the section of the Willamette Valley we call home. 

Today, as Page 1 denotes, we are “Yamhill County’s News-Register.”

In a way, this was a long time coming. However, we were provided an encouraging nudge last week. Our Tuesday issue had a front-page story about the retirement of longtime Newberg-Dundee Police Chief Brian Casey. A day later, Newberg Graphic subscribers received their newspaper (now covering small corners of three different counties) without any mention of that news story. 

I received a hand-written note about that, saying in part: “I appreciate your paper caring enough about your neighbors (us) to give us space in your paper and the full story on articles from your town and ours that are of interest to us both.”

So, what do you say, Newberg-Dundee, should we take this relationship to the next level? After all, when it comes to county lines, we’re literally in this together. 

If you’re a resident of either 97132 or 97115 and already a subscriber, please encourage neighbors and friends to consider a subscription.

Ossie Bladine





Thank you for the article on Chief Casey - he was/is well liked in Dundee. I have been a subscriber for over 10 years. Even though your focus has been the McMinnville area, you coverage of county government and Yamhill country news has been excellent. I will spread the word to my Dundee/Newberg neighbors and friends to consider a subscription.

David S. Wall

Let me see if I understand what's going on....

A few weeks ago your Dad was "crying the blues" and lathering up the readership with his "poor-mouthing" the News Register may fall victim to the economic times and unceremoniously disappear if more "subscribers" did not come forward.

Then employee layoffs including Tom Henderson, a veteran journalism with more rhetoric flair than anyone else at the NR, was summarily cast adrift...I am sure he will benefit greatly from the forced separation.

Now, we are to rejoice and give thanks for we are about to be delivered by the NR's new found course correction; to cover more areas of the county than the County Board of Commissioners-which the NR has failed miserably to fully inform the readership of many sordid exploits, time and time again...

I subscribe to the NR solely for the Public Announcements and to keep some really good NR employees employed...I give my hard-copy of the paper to a senior-citizen friend of mine who is on a fixed-income and cannot afford to pay money for leftist-rotted-tripe. In my opinion, there are no other enticements from associating with this "yellow-journalistic-rag-of-disrepute."

Again in my opinion, I view the NR as the Newberg Graphic on steroids... the only "honest" newspaper in Yamhill County is the Sheridan Bulletin Board.

The aforementioned does not imply, suggest, or intend the NR's foundering ship cannot be "Righted"...taking on more responsibilities to a sinking ship before structural and "cultural" changes occur first...well, I hope your Dad and you have some life-preservers on board...but, don't fret about the foreseeable sinking feeling-you can always "dry-off" at the Atticus Hotel.

David S. Wall...[Chehelam should be Chehalem]


David S. Wall: Tell us what you really think, David. You're obviously a transplant to Yamhill County or you would know that historically the NR is a far better publication than what is offered by Pamplin Media. Even prior to the NG's selling it was second-rate to the NR.

I for one live in Newberg and subscribe to the NR rather than the NG purposely. I support this move to incorporate Newberg into it's coverage and will pass the word to others.

I'm really shocked at your response and the negativity it conveys. Is it possible that it's "personal" for you? Did the NR somehow rub you wrong? Get over it and get onboard with the times that are-a-changing...


I’ve live in the County over 20 years and anyone who doesn’t think the News Register falls (not leans) FAR left is well... confused.

Don Dix

Why does it (NR) have to come down to left or right for validation? It's usually just an editorial opinion -- never an obligation.

And piling on a during a troubled time simply displays a distinct lack of class, as well as inviting the consequence of karma. Otherwise, publish your own idea of what a newspaper should be, and see how that works out!


I don’t want an editorial opinion or conclusion - I just want the news.

Ossie Bladine

Appreciate you being a subscriber, David.


Stella... You don't want opinions because you are already so opinionated that there's no room in your agenda for anyone else's POV.



Everyone posting has an opinion. Most folks don’t bash others for posting theirs. Feel free if it makes you feel better puffing up

As for NEWS papers I prefer NEWS. Not opinions like “Boyer settled down” after getting married.... that’s an opinion or the writers conclusion (even though the second dui and subsequent jail time were 14 years after getting married). Wouldn’t it be helpful to report the offenses and let us come to our own conclusions?

You may not agree Hibb, but unlike you I can accept that 😉


Mr. Wall--what a shameful (and bitchy) explosion of a temper tantrum. So very considerate of you to "keep NR employees employed." I'm sure they would kiss your robes in gratitude because people like you saved them from the dole. And how gracious of you to give--not lend!--your hard copy to an impoverished senior citizen. Where I come from, people who publicize their good deeds do so out of self-interest, not altruism. [Last but not least, please note that fixed income contains no hyphen.]


David S. Wall: "I subscribe to the NR solely for the Public Announcements and to keep some really good NR employees employed" Are you kidding? I think you subscribe purely for your enjoyment in posting your negativity for all to see!

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