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News-Register battling through trying times

Oregon Lithoprint, Inc., which operates the News-Register Publishing Co. and publishes the News-Register, has joined scores of local and hundreds of thousands of American businesses trying to avoid becoming casualties of the COVID-19 crisis.

“These are difficult times for all of us,” said N-R Publisher Jeb Bladine. “We’re worrying about our families, our neighbors, how we’ll pay the bills, will we get sick, will our parents or kids get sick. We’re worried about whether unemployment funds will come on time, and whether the federal stimulus will help those most in need.”

News-Register advertising revenues have plummeted, Bladine said. While twice-weekly publication of the community newspaper has continued, it may soon become once weekly with a second “skinny edition,” he said. An extension of current financial conditions may force the paper to follow others in moving online-only, Bladine said.

“Meanwhile, we have a brief buffer with printing work at the OLI plant,” said Bladine. While outside printing clients also have slowed due to the coronavirus outbreak, the company will be printing a number of county voters’ pamphlets prior to the May primary election.

About 20 percent of the OLI staff has been laid off, Bladine said. Another 20 percent likely will join a program of partial unemployment.

Owned and operated by the Bladine family for four generations since 1928, the News-Register has supplied local news, commentary, features and advertising services through good times and bad.

This may be the worst of times, Bladine said, because the newspaper and printing industries already were in precarious financial condition well before the COVID-19 outbreak.

“We’re grateful that government intervention appears ready to make most people financially whole for an extended period of time on unemployment,” said Bladine. “These are people who have served our newspaper, our family, our readers and the community for a great many years.”

One change upcoming will raise some eyebrows, said Bladine — the increase from $1 to $2 for a newspaper issue purchased at local markets. “We hope people will have some perspective of that action,” he said.

Traditional outdoor News-Register “racks” will no longer be stocked beginning Tuesday. The outdoor vending machines have been used infrequently since “stay at home” orders went into place. More copies will go to stores and other indoor locations that receive commissions for handling those sales, and this change will double those commissions.

“This change should have been made 20 years ago,” said Bladine. “For a century we saw identical prices for a paper and a cup of coffee … we stopped at $1, and you know what happened with coffee!”

Two reasons that change hasn’t occurred in recent years, he said, is the cost of re-tooling those old newspaper racks and the difficulty of getting people to carry around enough quarters.

There are no immediate plans, however, to increase the monthly or other home-delivery subscription rates for the newspaper, which are currently $9 monthly via recurring credit card payment or $99 per year. However, Bladine did add a plea to people who might want to help the newspaper survive.

“If you don’t subscribe, go online to and subscribe,” he said. “If you do subscribe, buy an occasional paper at the store, give it to someone who doesn’t subscribe, and suggest they become a local newspaper reader.”

“A local newspaper is a treasure,” said recently employed News-Register Managing Editor Jodie DeJonge. “Can you image this area without one? Where will you go for news about our schools, our government, our parks, our neighbors? Who will be the watchdog of government, and the go-between for people to debate and establish community values?”

Fourth generation family member Ossie Bladine, who recently assumed oversight of company sales and marketing, noted the irony of depleted ad sales at a time of high readership.

“Traffic to the website is up about 50% this month. Each paper is filled with engaging and informative context. We’re receiving an increase in reader communications. But businesses just aren’t in a place to take advantage of that marketing opportunity,” said the younger Bladine, adding that advertising clients are either currently closed or too busy to consider advertising. “I know we’ll come out of this stronger if we can get there. But, like so many, right now it’s just about survival.”

The senior Bladine added how appreciative the ownerships and staff is for the support afforded the newspaper.

“We don’t want to elevate our challenges above those of so many important business operations through the county and beyond, but only to be transparent in reporting our own situation as we also report on so many others in our community,” he said.



David Bates

Having a family-owned newspaper that carries locally-reported news is invaluable, an indispensable community resource. I hope readers understand what is at stake and that they and advertisers continue to support the News-Register to every extent possible as we soldier through this.


A city without a local paper....a terrible thought. If you can please subscribe.


When we moved to McMinnville 15 years ago I was thrilled to learn that we had a local paper. I devoured each issue as I learned about the people, the politics, the services and many features in the paper. Thank you for being here for us. I cannot imagine how I would have so easily entered in to the community if the New Register had not been available. I have been a loyal subscriber over the years. I love it when the editorial board takes a stand. It helps us all think about important issues facing our community. I don't always agree but that is healthy. I hope you make it as a print paper through these difficult times. Don't sell the presses:)


I’m so sorry. I’ve been an avid reader of almost every word of the NR since 1962 since landing here from Alameda/Oakland. Thanks for assisting my daughter getting through Linfield. She is still there.


I sometimes (and confidently) assert that I am speaking for many when I voice support for our N/R. I was really happy to arrive at this article and note that several of my fellow citizens have already weighed in. I hope we will all continue to appreciate the efforts - past, present, and future - to keep this invaluable resource afloat. Thank you for the creative tenacity, for the devoted service to our community, for keeping us informed. The reality is "We are all in this together!" Hang in there N/R, we are with you.


I'm in. I'll renew my online membership today. If this covid19 virus runs a lengthy course i hope we see a shift in our culture and way of life and that we realize what is important. Family and friends, not selfie's and 12 hour Netflix marathons. May God have mercy on us all.

Christmas has Talons

Karma/Justice whatever you like to call it when mean spiritedness comes back around. This is wonderful news now people can go to facebook and check out their news groups and information pages that not only have most if not all the facts but also own their biases. I will miss the cat box liner though newspaper is the best for that. Oh and by the way
when I stated this rag was on it's way out last month ya'll actually argued with me.


Wow Talons - tell us how you really feel. That was pretty nasty and mean-spirited. I hope you find a little peace and a lot less anger in your life some day. Be well.

Personally, I'm thankful that we've had a local paper, run by a local family (multi-generational), who also give back to the community as a business and in person. I hope the Bladines can continue their long history of service to our town.

You have my support, NR.


I love the NR and can't imagine McMinnville without it. I will always be a subscriber and will encourage friends and neighbors to as well.


It appears that one reader, obviously gazing into a mirror, has posted about – and DOCUMENTED - mean spiritedness. What a petty and pathetic reflection you excreted into the discussion. The First Amendment guarantees your right to state an “opinion,” and our right to refute it. As that one reader can observe for himself/herself, the baseless gratuitous snark was fully negated before it hit the page. May the dog do us all a public service and eat your password.

I have given two gift subscriptions to the N/R as one method of support. The folks who received these gifts value this publication, and they appreciate keeping up on our local news. (Now more than ever!) This has proven to be a win/win and I suggest it to anyone interested in a gift that keep on giving in every direction.


Bill B

I've been a newspaper subscriber wherever I have lived my entire adult life. They are a valuable resource even in these days of instant online alerts. The NR is a value add to this community. I read the articles and comments daily. I would be willing to give up the Tuesday paper edition in exchange for more timely online alerts through Facebook or Twitter.


Christmas has Talons: I agree with BC…you are nasty and mean-spirited. If you dislike the NR as much as you say you do, then why bother subscribing? For the rest of us, we appreciate and value our local community newspaper. The NR helps to keep our community connected and provides valuable information about local government, schools, businesses, non-profits, events, sports, ads and more.


Talons, how on earth did you develop such a vile, repulsive personality? You remind me of a certain fairy tale character who, whenever she opened her mouth, toads and lizards and slugs spewed forth. With an owner like you, I feel sorry for your cat.

No Home Town NR ! Forbid the thought ! I consider The News Register the Flag of McMinnville, It may be a little Tattered presently however it will survive , Never think of our paper tapping out.
I've enjoyed our Home Town News Register for what it does best reporting home Town News !Hang in there, Present down turn will pass. Lets get behind our Home Town News Register McMinnville and Subscribe !


Oh "Lulu," you do have a way with words. "Snark" is descriptive,"toads and lizards and slugs" now THAT is some graphic accuracy. Well done!!

Christmas has Talons

Yeah it's me who is a big fat meanie head not Jeb or mudstump or lulu or whatever he calls himself these days. For all the lies/ half truths omissions and blatant dishonesty there comes a price.
That being said we do have some wonderful local talent getting ready to launch a small county wide news service and it's going to be awesome. We have a Democrat writer, a Libertarian, Republican and two folks who are not affiliated with any party so the information will be balanced.


Talons--can't wait to read your "awesome" balanced little newspaper. No doubt you'll be cornering the misanthropic, fascist perspective. First, however, consider brushing up on those pesky hobgoblins like spelling, etymology, punctuation and subject/verb agreement.
And if that publication should, alas, die on the vine, you and Starrett might make a fascinating tag team: Cinderella's Stepsisters. You could even take your act on the road for a protracted engagement. P.S. That means a long time.

McMinnville resident

We love our online subscription. It's a great place to get local news.


Before the virus hit locally, I purchased my paper at the store. I signed up for a subscription so I could still get the news without making an extra stop during the week. NR - thank you for what you do and trying to be creative and innovative with your business.
Christmas has Talons - I'm sorry you are so angry and feel that anyone deserves failure who is trying everyday. If our local paper isn't successful in surviving, I wonder where you will post your frustrations where anyone, except for the vast space of facebook (which fewer are using now) that will receive the audience you are expecting. I imagine you will be the first to complain the stories you see there aren't locally relevant.


NR subscription for a year makes a wonderful birthday gift. Maybe give a friend an Easter subscription.

I hope our newspaper survives! I will do my part by renewing my subscription today.


Christmas has Talons...I tried the links you posted. The first goes to search results with no specific location. The second is YamCo Watch. What information are you trying to share?


NR staff.

I was thinking about the 12-18 months needed for vaccine approval. Is it possible for a staggered, and therefore accelerated, COVID-19 vaccine approval schedule? Has anyone inquired to the CDC? If so, we may be able to get out of this economic malaise faster while better protecting our seniors. Can we take advantage of biology in this case?

For instance, if a large block of the 12-18 months required for approval is to make sure babies aren't adversely affected, could the vaccine first be approved for those past child bearing age while they confirm its okay for developing fetuses? The elderly are the ones at most risk for COVID-19. Could this get a vaccine usable by them out, by say, by this Fall, when we could see round two of this pandemic?

Thanks, Rob


I own the local radio station and subscribed to a one year online edition to try and help. I love reading the paper and KLYC will continue supporting you! Thanks for being here.

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