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A message to our News-Register readers

Now it’s up to us … and we’re all in this together.

Our newspaper has never experienced anything like the overwhelming personal, social, economic and political effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. We want to offer our customers — and our community — a message about how we are responding.

Plus, a few heartfelt requests and pieces of advice.

I. First, the continuation of our information services:

We currently continue twice-weekly publication of the News-Register and daily updates at These information systems are more important than ever to deliver information; help control rumors; and provide an outlet for information exchanges with the broader community.

II. Preparing for the worst while hoping for the best:

If this epidemic should stop publication of the printed newspaper, our website and E-Edition will continue delivering local news and information. Some of our staff are moving to home workplaces now as a safety precaution.

All N-R print subscribers can have FREE accounts on Please get one! Now is the time to create those accounts ... Here’s how:

Send an email from your address to – Include the following: Name of print subscriber; Delivery address for your News-Register; Your preferred online password. Your email address is your Login name. When you log in, at top-right of the website, you can change your password.

III. Expanding online content about COVID-19 and related community issues:

We are working to create better-organized online displays of information coming to us from area organizations, businesses and individuals. Please watch for those improvements, and send us your thoughts and ideas.

IV. For all our sakes, Stop unnecessary out-of-town purchases on the Internet: and others have damaged the local marketplace that contributes so much to our communities.

When you send money away, it’s gone forever; when you spend it locally, the money recirculates with a “multiplier effect” that bolsters the local economy. That multiplier effect can have an extraordinary impact on the local economy we will have when this COVID-19 time passes.

The News-Register serves a strong base of local businesses we call “Community Partners,” featured prominently in our newspaper. Of course, we urge your support of those businesses, which are sponsoring this important message.

V. Finally, we all are responsible to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

The News-Register is committed to maintain our information services to everyone in our local communities. We are committed to the local readers and businesses that have kept our family newspaper in business for 92 years. We welcome any show of support to help keep business functioning as a local source of information

However, those business concerns — shared with every segment of the local economy — pale in comparison to our need to help safeguard our employees and others, and to help stop unnecessary loss of lives that can occur if COVID-19 cases expand exponentially.

We know we share that feeling with all of you.


Jeb Bladine, President & Publisher

Ossie Bladine, Associate Publisher and Editor-in-Chief


David S. Wall

Pay your employees more...they're worth it.

Buy and Shop Local!

Look after one another!

David S. Wall


Thanks Jeb and Ossie and everyone else at the NR. I really appreciate all that you do for our community!


Great column - your readers are grateful for your publication, and for your tireless dedication to the health and well-being of our community.


Ditto, Joel and treefarmer. I’ve had my battles with the N-R over the years, but this paper is vital to continuing the vibrancy of our community. I appreciate its presence and the essential role it plays in making McMinnville a very special place. Thank you for all you do, and the passion with which you do it.


To everyone at the NR...please take care of yourselves. Work from home. I always try to shop local, but now more than ever we all need to do our part. Thank you for manning and womaning the fort and we will batten down the hatches on our end.

I've been wanting to use those phrases for so

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