Letters to the editor: Sept. 6, 2019

Trump ravages EPA

On March 3, 2016, then-candidate Donald Trump expressed his wish to get rid of the Environmental Protection Agency. Since winning the election, he has tried to undermine it in every way possible.

In a speech he made in Iowa, he vowed to end the EPA’s intrusion into our lives. He claimed then, and continues to claim now — falsely — that the debate over global warming is a “hoax.”

In March 2017, he imposed deep cuts on the EPA budget under the guise of fixing the agency. As a result, the EPA’s budget shrank 55% as its workload grew.

The agency budget is now less than half what it was in the late 1970s. Most of cuts have been focused on specific geographic areas andtaken the form of reduced federal grants to the states to fund specific projects.

He has stifled climate change research. He has also signed an executive order ending many environmental protections.

The thought seems to be that the EPA is stifling industrial aspirations, and must therefore be diminished or eliminated. That seems based on greed.

The president is damaging the EPA’s ability to respond to emergencies, along with its day-to-day efforts to keep air and water clean and to protect the health and welfare of the population. We will soon find that climate change has created a public health crisis.

Hopefully, the president isn’t so focused on making more money that he forgets the earth and all the life forms it supports. His absence of leadership for the good of all is a tragedy.

Janet De With



He’s at it again

I have recently learned from trusted sources that President Trump is now being blamed for burning down Cheryl’s She Shed.I’m not surprised. Until now, that’s probably the only thing he hasn’t been blamed for.I’m sure Hurricane Dorian will be no exception.

Rich Roberts



Cruising for success

Cruising McMinnville 2019 is now in the books.

I would like to personally thank our community for embracing this rebranded event as enthusiastically as its previous version.

I would also like to thank all the generous sponsors, volunteers, police and fire personnel, city employees, state employees and others I may have probably forgotten for their time, hard work, dedication and passion. We truly cannot pull this off without you!

The feedback we have received both years has been amazing.

When our nonprofit Cruising McMinnville was formed two years ago, our goal was to keep the spirit of cruising alive, and give back to our community through scholarships, charitable donations and grants for school programs. What we didn’t realize was we were creating lasting friendships and memories along with a great event.

I have heard some negative feedback on our route. We face particular challenges in our route due to the space constraints of the area we’re trying to cruise in, the number of streets we are allowed to close and the amount of vehicles cruising.

Hundreds of hours have been spent behind the scenes on the route since the end of Cruising McMinnville 2018. All the agencies have been very gracious and accommodating in all our requests, but they always need to have citizens’ safety as paramount, and that will always be the case.

Our event brings hundreds, if not thousands, of people to McMinnville, lining the streets, filling the shops and restaurants, to share, for one night a year, a feeling of nostalgia for some genuine, pre-internet fun.

Is our event perfect? Is the route perfect?

Absolutely not. But we continue to build on each year in hopes to make it the best possible event for our community.

Do you have ideas to make it better?

Planning meetings will start in the spring of 2020. We would love to see you there!

Scott Hinchcliff

Vice President, Cruising McMinnville


Crimes against humanity

Call it what it is.

The dictionary defines “genocide” as the deliberate killing of a group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation.

So let’s call the deliberate destruction of immigrant families through the deaths of their children at our border, and the most recent call by Donald Trump to send critically ill children to their deaths by obstructing their medical care via deportation, what it is: It’s genocide.

This most recent and egregious example of this administration’s inhumanity is a repeat of the atrocities of a German dictator during World War II.

And shall we forget the abhorrent treatment of our own Native Americans? Shall we create another Trail of Tears?

In those dark chapters in history, political and military leaders became conspirators through their complacency and silence.

The elected body of Congress today is repeating that failure. Members must also be held responsible for the atrocities and destructive policies of this administration, headed by a man who, by his own words and actions, craves dictatorial powers.

Why are the religious leaders in our country, of all denominations, not forming a coalition of strength to guide Americans in the defense of moral, ethical and humanitarian principles?

No longer do we just have a set of political issues at stake. We are now in a fight to preserve the very principles of our democracy.

It’s time for a truly bipartisan congressional hearing on this administration’s un-American activities.

If the elected body of leaders in Washington is unwilling to now stop the destruction of American moral values, as embodied in the constitution, we should call on world leaders. Perhaps they can help Americans by establishing an investigatory tribunal to hold the government of the United States accountable for its crimes against humanity.

I sincerely doubt God will mince words with us when we stand before Him. We should not mince words now.

Susan Tiffany




The president is accused of yet another 'genocide' that never actually happened. While I don't agree with the policy change that has since been reversed (medical deferral), no one was ACTUALLY deported though it was compared to the slaughter of six million Jews in concentration camps by the Nazis. There is also a big difference between not providing medical care for someone here illegally for free to purposely gassing someone to death in a chamber. While I believe this deferral program should continue, how many Americans die every year because they don't receive medical treatment?

"USCIS told the Times that deportation proceedings hadn’t started for anyone who had received a letter and that officials would “complete the caseload that was pending on August 7.”



Janet - First off the NR policy for letters is one a month and I think this is your third letter of hate towards President Trump in six weeks.

Susan - Many of these children were sick before and after coming across our border ILLEGALLY. Many of the children are unaccompanied and used by traffickers. What part of any of this is fair? No other country in the world just allows millions (estimated at 30 million now) to just boldly head on in and be taken care of. We have US citizens that don't qualify for the many programs that people here ILLEGALLY receive. We need a guestbook so to speak and things need to be done in a proper order. What's the use of borders and laws when they're not enforced. This is craziness and needs to be taken seriously and corrected to the best ability of all involved in protecting this great nation.

Don Dix

Finch -- apparently Janet did not receive the memo that since 'global warming' didn't work out, it's now called 'climate change' to cover any aspect that doesn't fit the narrative. Under Obama. the EPA questionably , and most likely false, declared C02 to be a pollutant, so maybe Janet and the other 'believers should completely detach themselves from this 'deadly gas' -- RIP!


Don - she's probably penning her next letter for next week's addition.


Another collection of interesting letters this week, along with some disheartening but predictable responses. To those being criticized, I say keep the faith, you are not alone. Please continue to focus on the truth. There are those among us who choose to inhabit a fact-free bubble and post snarky responses that ring hollow and only reflect upon themselves. They absorb the steady diet of lies and broken promises and corruption and damage to America and somehow manage to remain proud and supportive. It makes no sense to me, but I accept that their steadfast denial is a demoralizing reality.

Some of us were paying attention back in 2016 when dear leader provided Leslie Stahl with a rare statement of fact during an interview. She inquired about why he called the press the “enemy of the people.”

“You know why I do it? I do it to discredit you all and demean you all so that when you write negative stories about me no one will believe you."

It appears that some might not be aware that Maria Bueso (one of the patients dear leader wants to deport) was INVITED here many years ago. She has been participating in a clinical trial that has not only extended HER life, but has helped many others who share her rare diagnosis. Reports indicate that she is NOT "illegal," she had followed the law and suddenly was ordered to get out in 33 days or be deported. A death sentence for what crime, I wonder? (And what happens to the clinical study and the other lives that depend on her participation?) The way the authorities were able to identify many of the patients they want to deport is that they had applied for, and were granted, medical deferrals. But hey – if you need to justify the cruelty being inflicted in your name, you can certainly continue to cling to and post those infamous “alternative facts.” The rest of us are repulsed and shamed by the deterioration of American values.


Perhaps treefarmer you should be looking for other truths that are out there that you refuse to acknowledge.


Treefarmer - I try to get information from various sources but I keep getting burned by "alternative facts" coming from the likes of MSNBC and CNN that tilt left. We still even get new fake Russia stories.
MSNBC- single anonymous sourced story about Russian co-signer for Trump loan that was later retracted.
CNN - story about Russian CIA asset removed from Kremlin because concerns of Trump recklessly disclosing classified information [example given discussion with Israeli ambassador] that failed to mention extraction efforts started in late 2016 under the Obama.

Time and Time again I get misled by these sources whom either bring something to press that isn't adequately founded or leave something critical out that oft turn an implied assertion 180 degrees on its head.


Rob – I am well aware of the incident you are referring to when Lawrence O’Donnell broadcast irresponsible unsubstantiated information and then had to retract it and apologize. DISGRACEFUL!! I think we have agreed previously that it is a major challenge to separate the wheat from the chaff and determine what to believe as we attempt to function as informed citizens. All we can do is remain diligent and keep trying? More power to you.

Finch – yet AGAIN the facts don’t support your assertions so you feel the need to contradict and blame the messenger. If you can’t see the irony in the post you directed at me, well - that just speaks volumes. Time will ultimately reveal which of us refused to acknowledge the truth.


Maybe treefarmer you are absorbing lies. The alphabet channels along with many cable are hate Trump all day every day - particularly MSNBC and CNN. Trump was never my first choice. I actually liked Cruz and still do. But this nonstop right left fighting is getting more and more ridiculous and something needed to change.

Google had a huge impact in trying to sway the elections. The media drooled over Obama for eight very long years and it was sickening. Now they can't even try to be nice towards Trump. I personally don't care for some of his behavior and many of his tweets but I feel he has done many good things for this country and should not be treated as badly as he has been.

I am very hopeful that all the FISA abuses of the previous administration will be fully exposed and heads up to the very top should be prosecuted. This is very serious and should be reported by all news sources but it iz not.

I would love to see two sides work for the people but it just seems that the American taxpayers are paying these idiots to fight nonstop. If any of us went to work and acted this way we'd be fired.

I refuse to even think that America will entertain socialism to the extent the Democrats are pushing for it. We have a whole generation that really believes that free means free. If you take a loan for anything and sign on that line you simply pay it back. That's reality and the real world.

For those that loved and supported Obama and his claim to be working for the middle class and the poor and saying time and again that at some point people make enough money, etc. -- how do you think he justifies a $15 million mansion on Martha's Vineyard.

Something is very wrong with politicians that start out making less than 200k ending up multi millionaires.


You want to hear something ironic? I actually think the press being so starry eyed and easy on the Obama administration hurt his presidency. How?

Statements that were clearly erroneous(e.g. if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor) weren't sufficiently challenged resulting in policy failure. There are other examples but you can see my point.

If I hold position Y, my best friend is one who holds position X. They have motivation to point out the flaws in my ideas. This result in improved policy in the end and is the power of democracy over dictatorship. When the press allows their own biases to interfere with their objectivity we lose the 4th estates' participation in this process.


Treefarmer - It happened yet again. The New York Times put out a fake story over the weekend they had to walk back - this time about Kavanaugh. They reported 3rd hand hearsay on an allegation from Yale while leaving out the fact that the victim doesn't recall the incident EVER HAPPENING. They actually left that out of the original story! That seems important to me!

This is where the term "fake news" comes from and this type of journalistic malfeasance needs to stop. I presume you don't like outlets like FoxNews but at least they don't make mistakes like this over.. and over.. and over.. again. If they did - please cite the errors and be specific. People are out there Tweeting that it is stuff like what the NYT just did that is "making them walk over broken glass to vote for a candidate they don't particularly like (Trump)"



Rob - and have you seen the numerous montages over the past 10 years where they'll literally run clips of 20 or so news reports where they use the same word or catch phrase of the day? It's a complete joke and so beneath these people to have no spine or even originality. Pathetic and dangerous because people's lives are destroyed and there's no apology. It happens all the time!

Several members of the oversight committee have very damning things going on in their lives where they in no way should be judging others when they themselves should be or are being investigated.


The scary thing is that the NYT made the correction after getting caught leaving out such a critical detail. How often are they not caught?


Exactly. And if there's no follow through a person's livelihood is destroyed. It's hard to get good people to run for office because of the crap that's thrown at them. Disgusting.


I hope he sues. For a public figure in the United States you have to meet an incredibly high bar for libel (you have to prove malice). Since we know the NYT knew the supposed victim didn't recollect any such incident before they ran the story minus that critical detail this may be one of the few times where it could be proven.


We can only hope. But, there are several more higher up that should have their backsides in the slammer and they're roaming free, buying mansions and giving speeches. There's truly no equal justice under the law.


What the New York Times did is the most onerous forms of bias, the bias of purposeful omission. It is extremely prevalent now. Even in the so-called 'Mueller Report'.

Pages of that report were dedicated to smearing the Trump campaign via Paul Manafort and an alleged Russian contact. It turns out the contact was a State Department asset (he's our guy). That FACT wasn't included in the report. A fact that turns the assertion 180 degrees on its head and in which we know the 'investigators' were aware.


It was a complete inside job starting with the top and the American taxpayers are funding this witchhunt. Disgraceful.


Yes, just think back to the golden days when the fiscally minded GOP was running the show:

"Ten investigations were conducted into the 2012 Benghazi attack, six of these by Republican-controlled House committees. Problems were identified with security measures at the Benghazi facilities, due to poor decisions made by employees of the State Department's Bureau of Diplomatic Security, and specifically its director Eric Boswell, who resigned under pressure in December 2012.[1] Despite numerous allegations against Obama administration officials of scandal, cover-up and lying regarding the Benghazi attack and its aftermath, none of the ten investigations found any evidence to support those allegations."

And none of the ten found ANY evidence to support the allegations. Wonder how much that cost us.

It cuts both ways, folks. Please keep that in mind.


I am always so grateful to read a post that reflects facts and logic. The person on the throne in Washington has fed his loyal subjects a steady diet of outrageous and dangerous lies while attacking the free press for calling him out on it. I quoted him (posted above) above when he clearly stated his intention to demean and discredit the press until no one would believe their own eyes. As our world becomes more dangerous by the day, we need all the facts and logic we can find in the fight to preserve our democratic republic. I continue to hope that there will come a time (the sooner the better) when our fellow citizens will tire of having their intelligence insulted, become mortified to be associated with a cruel divisive anti-American “leader,” and finally rebel against living in fear and chaos. Can we even imagine the screams of outrage if a DEMOCRAT was abusing power and corrupting the rule of law to this extreme? The historically honorable Republicans would have rallied in the streets with pitchforks. Is hypocrisy the new Republican platform? Has a spine become extinct?

The N/R has been recently maligned and accused of being “liberal”(oh PERISH the thought!) by a couple of your snarkier “contributors.” (trolls?) I hope I can speak for the majority of your readers who recognize y’all as ethical conservative journalists who provide an invaluable service to the community.

Bill B

Point taken Mr. Bagwell. It's really been that way (minority party against the majority party for a long long time. What seems different to me this time around is the treatment by the media. Everything (except Fox)it seems focuses on the negative.
So rather than reading the news, we get biased opinions. When it is presented as news; it's framed so that one is led to feel negatively about it. e.g. "Many are questioning the president..."

Just my two cents.


Exactly Bill. Stop watching all news and just look around - over 7 million jobs available, building everywhere and more opportunity than in decades. Those are good things.


There does appear to be something different with much of the media since Trump was elected. It's not just that stories are unprecedently negative (see Harvard study) but that journalistic standards appear to be selectively followed. Example - single anonymous sourced story after story about individuals that appear to be politically motivated. I don't know if its the new distribution model (e.g. headlines that get the most clicks) or a move away from classical journalism to one more activist. Something sure seems to have changed though.


I feel all the leftist nastiness and over the top bias from the Democrats started when little Bush was President. Maybe they just never got over Clinton being impeached and Gorr barely losing an election? Just imagine how sad they’ll be when current President is re-elected.

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