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McMinnville power outage lasts just a few seconds

A power outage that McMinnville Water & Light Electric Division Director Scott Rosenbalm said lasted four seconds and impacted the northwest part of town and a portion of downtown Tuesday morning was a Bonneville Power Administration related issue.

The outage occurred shortly after 6 a.m., according to Rosenbalm.

“There was a problem with the BPA line that serves two of the substations,” he said. “The protective equipment on the line acted like it was supposed to work.”

Rosenbalm characterized the problem as a “flash-over” outside a Forest Grove BPA substation.

“Everything is good on our system,” he said. “The BPA line opened up and closed back in. It was something out of our control.”



Lasted long enough that I needed to reset all my clocks. Sigh! But, and I want to be very clear: resetting clocks is MINOR compared to what many citizens of our town, state, nation and world face every day. Let’s keep everything in perspective.


Made my smoke detectors chirp loudly and woke me up! But you're right Drew.... first world problems.

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