Duke Shawn Dunkel 2004 - 2019



Duke Shawn Dunkel was born December 27, 2004, and passed away August 9, 2019, at the ripe old age of 14 ½ years. Duke spent the first year of his life moving from place to place, eventually ending up in the home of some cranky teenagers who eventually took quite a liking to him, due to his comedic demeanor, expressive eyebrows and ability to make anyone smile. While some of his years were turbulent, due to the economy, questionable housing, college and work, Duke’s parents swore he would always have a home between the two of them--a promise we were able to keep. Duke deserved the world, but settled for so much less: the loyal love and affection that came from two kids who were just trying to keep it together. Duke was more than a dog and a pet: he was a dear friend. He taught two teenagers and, later, adults, how to care for something more than themselves. He taught them how to keep promises to each other and to a being who would have been so easy to cast aside. He was and will always be our family. We love you, Duke. You were the bestest boy.
Duke made many friends from all walks of life over the years, so to those who are able--if you’d like to make a donation to the Homeward Bound Pets' Shelter, or the Yamhill County Gospel Rescue Mission--we think he would have liked that (if he cared about such things).




I think one of the hardest losses is that of a furbaby. God bless Duke.


Love to you while you go through your mourning period. There is no greater pain than the loss of a best friend. I can tell he was a happy boy though. You gave him a great life. Be proud!!

Bill B

Trust those that love their dogs!


I am so sorry about your beautiful friend and pray you will find comfort and peace after such a hard goodbye. God cuddle and bless Duke.

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